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Subj: Here's what I got [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 at 12:11:33 am CST
Reply Subj: Who're your picks for being Skrulls?
Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 at 09:48:15 am CST

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While I hate the event, I love the universe and I'm still able to follow the line, so I've got my theories. Who do you think are Skrulls?

My current thoughts are that all the New Avengers have been a particular Skrull at some point. That is, there's one Skrull whose circulated amongst the entire team, playing all or almost all of them at some point. This could "work" because of the fact that the team has always been so loosely-knit: with Spidey, Cap, Iron Man and Wolverine doing their solo things, and Cage et al. often out of sight from the rest of the universe, it sounds like a Bendis plot to me.

So one of the Wolverines is probably a Skrull, or has been (most likely the one in NA).

Spider-Woman may be a Skrull right now. Why? What's the last thing you'd expect a Skrull to do? Bring Tony Stark a Skrull corpse and say "Hey, they're invading", even though everyone else suspects Tony himself of being a Skrull. Not to mention that that move allowed her to infiltrate the (Mighty) Avengers with ease.

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> While I hate the event, I love the universe and I'm still able to follow the line, so I've got my theories. Who do you think are Skrulls?

Lindy, Sentry's wife - The whole dying and coming back thing she's done twice now? It's a little suspicious. But it is possible there's something going on there with Sentry's powers. Still, it's kinda hard to believe the Skrulls wouldn't want some kind of leash on Sentry. Manipulating him through his wife would be a good way of controlling him.

Jessica Jones - I say the baby is fully human, and Jessica was replaced sometime between giving birth and accepting Luke's proposal. The next best thing to replacing Luke is being able to control him by having his baby hostage. And now that she's in Avengers Tower, he can't do a thing about it when/if he finds out the truth besides try to convince people she's the Skrull and not him.

Namor - I say Black Bolt wasn't the member of the Illuminati replaced years ago. It was Namor. Atlantis has been scattered in sleeper cells all over the world, meaning he can still give them commands but it would probably be very difficult for any of the heroes to find and convince them not to listen because he's a Skrull.

Wasp - I have no big theory here. Just out of the Mighty Avengers lineup, I see her as the most likely candidate. I doubt Tony, Sentry, Carol or Ares are Skrulls. If Simon's an energy being like he pointed out he was in a recent issue, probably not a Skrull. Natasha's expressed knowing too many intimate secrets over in Cap's book to be a Skrull. That kinda singles out Jan.

Nightcrawler - The X-Skrull who attacked the Illuminati looked like he had the powers of Colossus, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Cyclops. Colossus' return was a little too elaborate for a Skrull hoax. Being in constant contact with more than one telepath, Cyclops is probably too risky to try. I just doubt it's Wolverine. So that leaves Nightcrawler, who I can't think of any reason he couldn't easily be a Skrull.

Those are the picks I'm going with right now.

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