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Subj: I Don't Think It's 'Patently False' - Continuity In The 70s Was Tight
Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 at 09:57:23 am EST
Reply Subj: Re: Continuity
Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 at 07:18:13 pm EST

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> What I think is a problem with Marvel these days is the question of
> continuity. When I first read Marvel comics in the 70s what struck me
> was that what happened in one title (f.i. FF) mattered in another one
> (f.i. DD). All those books made up one big universe.
> Today we have nothing of this.

That's patently false.

> We have a Spider-Man who is full-time member of the New Avengers. We
> have a Spider-Man who in Marvel Adventures is a teenager in love with
> Liz Allen. We have a Spider-Man who is a 30 years old teenager who
> wants to be fed cookies by his elderly aunt. We have a Spider-Man who
> is father of a teenager. We have an Ultimate Spider-Man who whatever.
> What all these worlds connects nobody knows.

Could have sworn practically everybody knew.

> Same for X-Men, FF, Avengers. Nothing matters anymore. If something
> does not stick, rectify it (and be it with magic). There is no risk,
> so there is no fun.

Nothing has really changed in this regard, except, it used to be that there was no risk. Today there is risk aplenty.

The Legend of LIONMAN and the Seven Kurodos
Experience The Bijou

It's not LITERALLY true that every single event and story in every regular title was reflected or acknowledged in the others, but when there was necessity to do so for the sake of the stories, then Yes, there was acknowledgement of what was happening in, say, Iron Man or Spider Man.

The good thing was that the editors at Marvel then didn't feel the need to harnass all the titles into long semi-cross-overs and 'tie-ins' as today, when the MU has become reductive and claustrophobic, with one mindless disaster after another---look how many times the X-mansion has been destroyed in the last 5 years--3? 4? 5? It's absurd.

Then, seemingly out of the blue, we could get a cool FF single issue featuring a new attack by Diablo, or the reemergence of the Brute, or, in Daredevil, a scheme by the Jester or the Death-Stalker, or the Hulk might come upon an alien colony in the Nevada desert.

There was a sense of freedom and that anything could happen--and everything did!

And when an acknowledgement of what was happening in another title was seen as necessary or desirable, we saw it.

It was a unified universe of great complexity.

Quite the opposite of what we have before us today for the most part. Only 'Conquest' and a few other mini-series have that feel.

And 'Conquest' does a hugely admirable job of it, with the Super Adaptoid, Ultron, Blastaar, Moondragon, Adam Warlock, Mantis, Groot, the Dragon of the Moon, Star Lord, Ronan, the Wraith, and others all beautifully presented--and accurately.

And yes, the characters in Conquest actually progress and move forward as characters! Heavens. The X-franchise should be so lucky, and the Avengers too.

It's almost too much to expect from Marvel today, which isn't marvelous by and large, with its tepid New Avengers, HOM, Civil War, M-Day crap, etc.

Conquest gives us the 'sense of wonder, which I think is all-important to this medium.

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