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Subj: Thanks - But Don't Feel Forced, It's A Free Country [SPOILERS]
Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 at 12:15:02 pm EST
Reply Subj: Kinda forced to agree with you Shark *nt*
Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 at 11:46:56 am EST

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> When you continually and lazily trot out the same bad guys--the Wrecking Crew, the Rhino, Tiger Shark, HYDRA, Mr. Hyde, and other once-classic, once-deadly villains and use them as patsies, THAT'S when you have 'no risk.'
> Need I repeat the absurd Raft affair, in which many or most of the criminals returned to their cells after being told to, or the recent 'Hood's army,' most of whom did a lot of nothing, had 0 characterization, and many of those we saw at the first gathering weren't even seen again.
> Even the Maurauders didn't do very much in Messiah Complex, and certainly not newcomer-to-the-group Exodus. They were portrayed as near-juveniles.
> Even Princess Python almost killed Iron Man once.
> Compare all of this crapola to the Bronze Age portral of villains, when Llyra killed Lady Dorma and You Felt It.
> Or when the Death Stalker was legitimately weird and creepy, and mr. Kline mysterious and unknowable.
> And on and on to Diablo, the Mad Thinker, the Grim Reaper, the original Zodiac, Mesmero, Sauron, the Leader, Red Raven, Kang and Immortus, Terminus, Mephisto, the Mandrill, the Mutates, Centurious, the Man-Bull, the Vamp, Mother Night, and a long, long, long host of others.
> Archie Comics, it was not.

I think the Red Skull is being nicely portrayed under Brubaker, and Ultron in Conquest has been a lot of fun, as was Annihlus in Annihilation, threat-wise. I liked Brubaker's 12-part space opera, in which Vulcan and Deathbird were old-school 'threats.'

But I haven't felt there have been any really other legitimate threats in the X-books since Cassandra Nova, though Carey's Children of the Vault and Pandemic were interesting new antagonists. Predator X wasn't much of a threat. Mr. Sinister got taken out by Mystique seemingly without trouble. The Blood of Apocalypse arc was a real joke, as where his new Horsemen.

Romulus did some dirty dealing in Wolverine, but then disappeared, and it seems like that entire lupine arc will be written out of X-history.

The Collective was a sad joke too in New Avengers.

Ultronella stood around in the rain doing--again--a lot of nothing for 5 issues. That was certainly Ultron's worst outing. I guess he was having his period.

The so-called 'Venom plague' was also a joke. Please. 8 millions venoms--no problem.

McDuffie's Frightful Four/Five traveled all the way to Saturn to essentially do a lot of nothing--AGAIN! Where was McDuffie's planning?

I enjoyed MODOK's 11 somewhat, but again, the criminals were essentially treated like cartoon characters. That wasn't the Puma or Living Laser I know.

So where are the legitimate threats today?

Everything's gone messy and hazy, perhaps from too much PC-ism.

Attok12 has been singing Bru's praises for revamping Mr. Fear in Daredevil, which I've avoid because of the art. So that may be one more threat we can count.

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