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Subj: About Lady Mastermind...And X-Men: Legacy [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 at 10:42:28 am EST
Reply Subj: Bad Day? :-( [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 at 09:46:58 am EST

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> Here we go....I may as well start off with the worst first....
> Screwball? Paper Doll? Butterball? I swear, except for the Silencer, who's been seen only once, Dan Slott couldn't create a decent character if his life depended on it. And having characters wear Camouflage pants over their costumes looks positively ridiculous. Imagine Spider-Man or Iron Man doing that.

I predicted a couple weeks back that Butterball would have fans either loving or hating the character. I'll see how it goes. I like this series and the title is now a collaboration between Gage and Slott.

I'm so there for this one.
> CAPTAIN AMERICA #38....Oh, look, it's the Red Skull! Oh, yeah, baby! We haven't seen this guy in ages! Oh, wait, he's been in the last 37 issues. D'oh! "The Never-Ending Story" Part 38 of Infinity! Watch out, Rhino! The Red Skull is itching to become Chief Overused Villain Ever!

Again, I agree to disagree. I'm not sick of the Skull and I credit Bru for actually maintaining a 3 plus year run with the same villain at the center.
> IRON FIST....*flushes toilet*; nothing against the writers, but the idea of multiple Iron Fists through the ages (ala Witchblade and the Darkness and....) and multiple cities like K'un-Lun totally ruins the uniqueness that was once Danny Rand and K'un-Lun. Just my opinion. I gave this series a try for five issues and I just couldn't take it.

Flushes toilet!?! I have to disagree again. I think it opens up multiple story paths yet doesn't ruin the uniqueness at all. Stay tuned for my comments on the excellent Green Mist of Death special soon(and it's not the Hulk having gas).
> GUARDIANS OF THE book alert! Quasar!!!! Gamora!!!! Plus, Drax, Starlord and Adam Warlock! Plus, Abnett and Lanning, writers of NOVA. I'm in!

> IRON MAN: DIRECTOR OF SHIELD #29....Sweet Christmas!!!!!! Madame Masque is back!!!!! Not that fakeout thing version Bendis used in NA, but the real one (I hope)! And the Maggia is back!!!! Whoohoooo! While I don't collect this title anymore, I'm on board for these four issues, baby! Whitney!!!! my second favorite comic book character of all time! *love*

I doubt I'll come back to the main Iron Man title but I might check out the second title from Fraction and LaRocca.
> And even more Maggia goodness in MARVEL ADVENTURES IRON MAN #13, with Blacklash! This title is now on my pull list, folks. I just started buying it this week with #10 (featuring Spider-Woman!), and I can't wait to get #12, with Kiber the Cruel!!!

Still haven't bitten on the Adventures line yet, although I continuously hear great things.
> FANTASTIC FOUR #557, GHOST RIDER #23, X-FACTOR: THE QUICK AND THE DEAD....each book with the most shocking last pages ever! Well, only one of them can claim that, and I doubt any of them will pull it off. Ah, you've gotta love that idiotic Marvel hype machine.

Millar held my interest with his debut issue of FF and hype goes hand in hand with his work, so I'm not surprised there. I believe some old character is returning in GR, and if any book can pull off a shocking last page it's PAD with this special featuring Quicksilver.
> CAPTAIN BRITIAN AND MI:13....since Spitfire and Black Knight are a part of this team, I'm all over this new title.

I'm passing on this one.
> MS. MARVEL #27...BEST....BOOK....EVER! As usual! William Wagner's secrets are revealed! Is he the secret Kree? I mean, they're revealing his stuff in this storyline, and since the Skrull is on the Lightning Strike team....if true, that means whoever Sarah Day really is is another set of marbles (Hecate). Would be neat if Sarah turned out to be Dr. Minerva, though.

I'll be on the sidelines for Invasion and unfortunately this book is smack dab in the middle of it. I dropped it anyway. I will be interested in Wagner's identity, as well as Day's. That's the thing though-the same "never-ending" quality you find annoying in Cap I find annoying here. When subplots start stretching YEARS then it needs to be very compelling(like Cap) or it will lose my interest.
> Is that Machinesmith I see on the cover of NEW WARRIORS #12?

He'll probably have more to do there than he did in the Hood NA storyline. He was in it, correct?
> Nova versus Galactus? BAM! Nuff said!

Shortest. Fight. Ever. No, if anyone can pull this off it is the writers on Nova. I'm assuming Rich will be Phalanx free and have full access to the Worldmind or else he wouldn't stand a chance.
> Better not kill off Mystique, Jason Aaron, or you'll be sharing that brownstone with Grant Morrison (murderer of Darkstar), Peter David (murderer of Lady Mastermind) and Dan Slott (apparent murderer of Diamondback). >:-D

Characters never stay dead and Mystique post-Messiah complex is just too interesting to kill off so soon. Let's hope she gets in some licks(the battle kind) against Wolverine. To be fair to the other writers, Lady Mastermind's death was probably editorially mandated and PAD just wrote the chapter she died in, and I doubt Diamondback is dead. MVP was laying waste to everyone, including Hank Pym. I'm willing to bet they are all battered, but not dead.
> NEW EXILES #6....more Claremontian goodness.

Haven't given the Exiles a look yet, I might. I think Claremont might thrive in these alternate-reality tales. I must confess I have found his mainstream MU work a pale shadow of what it used to be.
> And that's it.

..we saw her get chomped therough the waist by Predator X..not eaten and swallowed as some reported.

With some surgery and a long period, she could easily survive in the MU.

I doubt Carey built her all the way up just to have her die.

Item: X-Men: Legacy was the Super bomb yesterday. Great stuff from Carey..he even took the time to give Exodus his best showing in a decade (and make him 'human' and even likeable), as well as giving Amanda Vought and the mean-ass Black chick villain (Frenzy?) real personalities and depth! You can't ask for more than that.

AND...a great showing from one of my favorite 'new' characters, Omega Sentinel, who is free of Malice and hanging with Exodus and his crew because her inner database was severely damaged by Malice...but she's free now and knows her new associates are cum-se, cum-sa types...Go Karima!

That's my 2 cents on Carey's latest work. He's a master.

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