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Subj: I'm already excited about May...
Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 at 07:33:07 pm EST
Reply Subj: Comments on the New May Solicitations [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 at 09:26:54 am EST

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Here we go....I may as well start off with the worst first....

Screwball? Paper Doll? Butterball? I swear, except for the Silencer, who's been seen only once, Dan Slott couldn't create a decent character if his life depended on it. And having characters wear Camouflage pants over their costumes looks positively ridiculous. Imagine Spider-Man or Iron Man doing that.


CAPTAIN AMERICA #38....Oh, look, it's the Red Skull! Oh, yeah, baby! We haven't seen this guy in ages! Oh, wait, he's been in the last 37 issues. D'oh! "The Never-Ending Story" Part 38 of Infinity! Watch out, Rhino! The Red Skull is itching to become Chief Overused Villain Ever!

IRON FIST....*flushes toilet*; nothing against the writers, but the idea of multiple Iron Fists through the ages (ala Witchblade and the Darkness and....) and multiple cities like K'un-Lun totally ruins the uniqueness that was once Danny Rand and K'un-Lun. Just my opinion. I gave this series a try for five issues and I just couldn't take it.

GUARDIANS OF THE book alert! Quasar!!!! Gamora!!!! Plus, Drax, Starlord and Adam Warlock! Plus, Abnett and Lanning, writers of NOVA. I'm in!

IRON MAN: DIRECTOR OF SHIELD #29....Sweet Christmas!!!!!! Madame Masque is back!!!!! Not that fakeout thing version Bendis used in NA, but the real one (I hope)! And the Maggia is back!!!! Whoohoooo! While I don't collect this title anymore, I'm on board for these four issues, baby! Whitney!!!! my second favorite comic book character of all time! *love*

And even more Maggia goodness in MARVEL ADVENTURES IRON MAN #13, with Blacklash! This title is now on my pull list, folks. I just started buying it this week with #10 (featuring Spider-Woman!), and I can't wait to get #12, with Kiber the Cruel!!!

FANTASTIC FOUR #557, GHOST RIDER #23, X-FACTOR: THE QUICK AND THE DEAD....each book with the most shocking last pages ever! Well, only one of them can claim that, and I doubt any of them will pull it off. Ah, you've gotta love that idiotic Marvel hype machine.

CAPTAIN BRITIAN AND MI:13....since Spitfire and Black Knight are a part of this team, I'm all over this new title.

MS. MARVEL #27...BEST....BOOK....EVER! As usual! William Wagner's secrets are revealed! Is he the secret Kree? I mean, they're revealing his stuff in this storyline, and since the Skrull is on the Lightning Strike team....if true, that means whoever Sarah Day really is is another set of marbles (Hecate). Would be neat if Sarah turned out to be Dr. Minerva, though.

Is that Machinesmith I see on the cover of NEW WARRIORS #12?

Nova versus Galactus? BAM! Nuff said!

Better not kill off Mystique, Jason Aaron, or you'll be sharing that brownstone with Grant Morrison (murderer of Darkstar), Peter David (murderer of Lady Mastermind) and Dan Slott (apparent murderer of Diamondback). >:-D

NEW EXILES #6....more Claremontian goodness.

And that's it.

There's a lot of titles coming out that I'm pretty stoked about. When I started buying comics again a few years back, I limited myself to two a month - Runaways and X-Factor - plus a mini that looked interesting. This May I'll be picking up:

X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead
Captain Britain and MI: 13 (probably)
Avengers: the Initiative
Amazing Spider-Girl Vol. 3 TPB
Runaways (if there is one that month)

X-Factor is always a treat, so I'm happy to get a double dose. PAD's Quicksilver is a fun bad guy for X-Factor, and between X-Factor and the Son of M/Silent War minis, he's becoming someone I look forward to seeing in action (until the inevitable change of him being a hero again).

Other than one back issue of Spider-Man featuring Excalibur, I really have no connection to CB and MI:13. But I've been interested in picking up both the Wisdom mini and the Union Jack mini for awhile now, and for some reason I just think this will be a comic I'll enjoy. I think the idea of a Skrull posing as John Lennon really sold me. If the comic is something I can have fun with, and not have to worry about a whole ton of backstory, that'll be a keeper.

Even though the Initiative has always piqued my interest, I've never given it the go ahead. But the inclusion of Prodigy in this month's ish is like crack to me, so I'm in - gonna buy the back issues and everything. Any Slingers appearance, and I'm there.

I try to support the MC-2 stuff, so as with Amazing Spider-Girl, I'll probably pick up American Dream as a tpb even though it doesn't really hold much interest for me. Just being a good Samaritan I suppose. Also planning on starting to pick up the tpbs of Daredevil, maybe even going back as far as all of Bendis' stuff, because 1) the Hood has been appearing; 2) Black Tarantula's been appearing, and; 3) I've just heard so much praise about it. It's one of those books where, if I wasn't a broke college student, I'd probably be picking it up. Same goes with all the Annihilation stuff - always looked cool, but because I really have no connection with any of the characters, I never picked it up. Hopefully someday I can get the whole lot of the story.

Also, anyone think we'll see any Skrull Kill Krew during this Invasion stuff? It seems like a pretty natural fit to me! I'd really love to see Runaways do an arc where Noh-Var hires the SKK to hunt any leftover Skrulls on Earth, which of course leads them to Xavin.

-Pav, who really can't help it, the comics have been so good lately if you know where to look...

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