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This took me a few weeks to type, in part because it is long, in part because of lack of motivation and ideas near the end.

Ok, reboot time. This post was inspired by responses to my “your marvel, only do a JQ” post, as well as some other posts, where people have mentioned in replies that marvel should or shouldn't do a “crisis on infinite earths” style reboot. This got me thinking on the idea of rebooting marvel and how I'd do it. I'd like to hear from you on your ideas for a marvelous reboot too. Think of how you will change the MU in general, then Choose a dozen marvel comics. Reboot marvel and start over crisis style and tell me what if any changes those titles and the MU as a whole undergo. I will also reboot to the happier themes marvel had before disassembled, house of M, and civil war.

- The eternal: a lot of people suggested moving the eternals to their own universe. Though I had no problem with the eternals in marvel I also had little exposure to them. I will suggest moving the eternals (and with them most of the deviants) to their own universe to avoid the confusion of two sets of beings claiming to be gods of the same pantheon. You may ask what about the Eternals who had a big impact on the MU as a whole such as Sersi, Eros, and Thanos? Well, this is where I tweak the origin story a bit. The celestials on 616 created in the proto humans the ability to evolve into the different races of the MU we know today. Instead of godlike eternals fighting monsterous deviants while humans watched helplessly. The celestials imbued in humanity the potential to become human, moloid, atlantean, deviant (the 616 deviants in the new MU would have never conquered the world and remained small in number), lava men, etc. They placed the potential for being superhuman in all of these. A small group of humans were set aside as a seperate experiment. Moved to titan by the Celestials to keep from contaminating the main experiment. They were the control group, a society with superhuman as the baseline from which to compare earths peoples development. As for Sersi, in my new 616 she'd just be a sorceress.

- The Galaxy: Earth has 63 billion people, the milky way galaxy contains from 200 billion to 400 billion stars. That means even if one human on earth went to a seperate star we couldn't conquer the galaxy. Given how in the marvel universe not only does almost every solar system of note have one if not more inhabited planets, and how immensely huge galaxies and the spaces between them are, one difference I would make in My marvel is to put the Kree, Skrulls, Shi'ar, and Badoon (who were here anyways) all in the milky way. What does this do? Well, for one it makes the fact that these galaxies regularly interact with each other and earth more realistic. It also makes the face that we rarely see native sentient inhabitants of kree or skrull space OTHER than the Kree or skrulls. The Shi'ar at least are done more realisticly in their inclusion of non shi'ar species in the imperial guard.

= Super Scientists: Super scientists are something else I will tweak. For all two long Marvel lived with the assumption that just because someone is a scientist they master every field of science. Which leads to silly incidents like bug specialists mastering quantum physics and robotics. Instead, in my reboot idea, unless someones power is super intelligence or super science, this isn't the case. Reed Richards would not be a master of everything science, but instead a top physicist with enough engineering know how to make his designs work. Tony Stark a mere engineer, Hank Pym an entomologist with some biochemistry knowledge too (sorry hank, you're an ant specialist). But they can help each other. In this new reboot, Pym had Reed Richards help when he found the Pym particle and iron mans help with he made ultron. In other words, he worked with someone more knowledgable in the field he was dabbling with.

- Mutants: Roughly 1 in 100 people will be a mutant, roughly one in 1000 of them will be of super human level, this number is not hard fixed however and more mutants than this calculation predicts is definatately possible. Mutants towns will exist in most major cities, in these areas mutants are usually the dominant minority but usually not the majority. There are a few exceptions. The first is in Westchester where Xavier Institute, as the first openly mutant college which offers scholarships to mutants on basis of their mutation. Due to this westchester became a mutant mecca and has an unusally large mutant population for its size. The other will be a small town in New Mexico called Galveston which in its past has been both a nuclear test site and a toxic waste dump before a town was built on it, this is the only known town in the US with a mutant majority.

- Guest Star Moritorium: The following characters will be under strict limits on their appearances in series outside the ones they are associated with (or those who are not in series yet in my reboot, appearing at all). No more than one guest appearance by the following characters will be allowed outaside the books they are associated with: Wolverine, spider-man, punisher, ghost rider, sabretooth, venom, and carnage.

- When the scarlet witch returns she will be powered back down to a probability alterer, not a chaos sorceress.

Now onto the 12 main series, how their heros change now, and their villains.

- Spider-man: Spider man will not get many changes, except he'd be back working at the bugle, married to Mary Jane, and Aunt May would have recently died. Spider-man is special as he is one of the few heros to grow up. And he grows up like readers do. To undo this is to do him a major disservice. Also no more spider totems.

- a note on symbiotes and spider mimics: Marvel has way too many spider-man mimics out their. From clones, to dopplegangers, to symbionts, to spider women, spider girls, spider villains, spider kids (ok, he is steel spider now), etc. Heck, I am surprised there is no spider DOG now (though spider monkeys exist, as an actual monkey type). This is the kind of event a crisis event is supposed to clean up. My first clean up step here is remove all other spider themed characters from the 616 except for spider woman (the telekinetic one as i cannot stand jessica drew) and venom. I will then change HOW symbionts work. As much as I hate symbionts I feel I will have to add two more to do this. One will be focus, Focus too over a hero with light powers, one who was valient, virtuous, and just without a fault. This symbiont was transparent and formed a crystaline covering on him, it helps his powers by focusing his light powers in even stronger ways. On the other side it brings out Focus dark side. But Focus was so just that his dark side is just being more of an arrogant selfish jerk, a different personality to be sure, but NOT a brain eating psycho. The other would be a Carapace, he was an armored villain, but a villain by necessity. He was down on the rocks when he turned to use his powered armor for theft, just to get enough money to get on his feet again. When his armor was destroyed the symbiont gladly replaced it and uses it's abilities to replace the armors powers in a symbiont way, however it brings out his dark side by making him enjoy the crimes he once did out of need. Why these two symbionts? In my new marvel I want to make it clear that 1. Symbionts are more than a suite of spider man powers that you gain. And 2. that the dark side a symbiont dredges up is not always a brain eating psycho.

- Iron man: Perhaps the most changed of all the reboot heros. Iron man is perhaps in some ways the most stuck in the past. For most of his life he was the cold war capitalist hero, after the cold war ended he was sort of lost until he was translated into the “big money, business man, well intentioned villain with government ties”. I however would take Iron Man in a completely different direction. Stark Industries would no longer be the nations number one technological company, it will be number six. As for Tony himself, he'd be the businessman hero the employees would love. He would support unions making sure every plant he owns gets one (and making sure it is a good one too), he's give reasonable hours, good wages, benefits, and incentive programs. He'd never pressure his emplyees to work harder and never cut pay and benefits. He'd never shut down plants or outsource jobs. He has even took cuts to his own pay in order to keep Stark Industries afloat. This is of course what keeps Stark from being number one. Due to this Starks main villains in the new marvel will be greedy corporate owners. The type who take away wages and benefits from their employees, those who shut down plants and move overseas, those who ignore environmental restrictions, those who set up sweat shops, thouse who release dangerously unsafe goods to the public, etc. Stark will be the watch dog who keeps businesses legal and ethical. He'd be the champion of the production floor worker and the enemy of the CEO. He may be a business man out to make a profit and succeed, but he will NOT do so at the expense of the employees who work for him and expects other companies to do likewise. He will still be a partying millionair playboy who the women love, but he'd be one with a heart. His armor would be simpler, like his 90's red and gold suit before it got all modernized. You may think that a caring CEO is unrealistic, but ina comic universe with gods and dragons, is this any less mythological.

- a note on titanium man: In this reboot the new titanium man will NOT be a russian invention and will not be green. Instead it will be grey and silver, very modern looking (sort of like supernauts armor), and designed by Justin Hammer. It is more technologically advanced than iron man and is perhaps his greatest opponent.

- Captain America: perhaps one of the LEAST changed heros here. Cap survived WWII and was unfrozen and revived. The big change here is Bucky is still dead while Cap is alive.

- a note on the WWII refugee villains: What about caps unusual number of villains who somehow survived WWII unchanged? This would be part of a German emergency plamn, where when in danger of losing the war they put their brightest agents into suspended animationto enact their plans at a later date. They just never planned on infighting splintering the group.

- Hulk:Another fairly unchanged one, l other than the whole multiple personalities from abuse issue added to his origin, which is a retcon marvel already did.

- Thor: Thor will be largely unchanged with a few exceptions. Basicly Thors punishment to be sent to earth and share a body with Eric Masterson was much much more of an exiling than before and he had to work hard to regain enough trust with the gods to return to Asgard. Also Thor had a much harder time adjusting to earth life and culture than current marvel shows. Before he ended up the valorous warrior he is today he was much more savage with viking ideals from the last time he walked the earth. Being bonded to eric masterson and putting up with his weakness is part of what helped civilize thor to be the valorous, honorable, warrior he is today.

I debated altering loki some to match his mythology more, but gave up as some myths show loki as an allie of the norse gods and others as their worst enemy, and found that would likely make him just too confusing (I thought of using it to make him a more conflicted character, but i was confused on him from the myths I looked at).

- Wolverine: Ah, Logan is the other half of the characters who suffer from pre-crisis syndrone. Unlike spiderman he doesn't suffer from as many immitation characters (not counting sabretooth, wild child, and wolvergirl.... err.... x-23). But Logans pre crisis aspect has to do with an overly complex and confusing past, a desire from marvel to place him in every major global event and every characters past, and an outlandish power increase. No he hasn't got outlandish wolver-hypnotism or wolver face changing disguise powers. Instead he's been made almost unkillable and able to hurt everyone below galactus level in power.

I will borrow the changes for wolverine i thought up for the marvel my way post. For one he will not be nearly as old as he is in the current MU. His first encounter with the X-men with in 1975 when giant sized X-men was released. His apparent age then of 40 is his actual age. That means he was born in 1935, thus no major role in the world wars. His weapon X involvement wa sin the 50's and his memory blocks are mostly for that and his life before it. He had no major involvement with the marvel universe outside the X-men until the 1990's.

He will also be depowered a bit, his healing factor is fast, but it cannot regenerate him from mere cells or tissue samples. Certain types of damage such as fire, acid, or certain posions could slow and hamper if not outright stop his healing to the spot of damage. His adamantium may be unbreakable, but it cannot cut certain cosmic or mythic matereals such as thors uru hammer or silver surfers skin Also despite being unbreakable characters with hulk level strength can bend adamantiumbreaking the bones within, and needing force of a similar strength to unbend it.

- Nova: nova will be relatively unchanged from the current post annhiliation series,

- Fantastic Four: The fantastic four is the most conflicted of these reboot ideas as I went through a lot of ideas and am not sure if I decided on a good one. The trouble is to deal with issues of the FF I dislike, and changing them to be a bit different without destroying their two themes of being the family team and the science team. I threw out ideas such as making them all scientists (it did not fit johnny or ben well). I also struggled with the idea of franklin richards. I never liked the idea of all powerful kids (or any other all powerful heros) or children tagging along with superheros (even if they are mostly babysit by robots), but he is an important part of making the FF a family.

Finally I decided on this. The reason why the Marvel Universe survived whatever this crisis on marvelous earths was, was due to the aparent sacrifice of franklin and valeria richards who gave their lives to unleash their powers to stop it. After a few years of greiving (his mom sue was very hurt from this) the FF tries to resume life as before. Things have changed in this reality however, Ben is now Reed's cousin, Reed is no longer the uber-scientist and instead is a very very very skilled physicist and engineer, Sue Storm is a doctor and biologist. The FF's attention is soon diverted, they discover a dimensional anomoly and behind it a sort of “interdimensional space station” with locked doorways to other dimensions, many of which have very different laws of physics. A bizarre device whose rotating abstract sculpture maps out the movements of different dimensions works like a clock, and each “hour” on it causes a new gate to open, signs showed that the place was seriously damaged the last time the final gate was opened and the team has to find out how and why. While dealing with this puzzle the team will have many bizarre universes, many with very very different laws of physics to explore. During this time a few odd stories will occur that will temporarilly alter the fantastic four. In one a cosmic storm will temporarilly liquify reed and gassify sue making the FF match the phase states of matter (solid, liquid, gas, and plasma), in another a villain will reshape the Thing so he looks like a stone version of Ben Grimm (pre thing). All the while the FF will make strange allies and enemies with aliens beyond the gates while trying to solve the puzzle of the station. Eventually Sue Storm will find herself pregnant, franklins last event was to make himself be quite literally reborn. He gave up a lot of his powers to do that and is no longer godlike.

Ok maybe this ruins the FF more than helps them, they were the hardest ones to alter as i had more “this would be a neat idea” ideas than “this is a GOOD idea” ideas.

- Avengers: I'd have a “heavy hitter squal” like morrisons JLA was. All the core marvel chatacters together. Spider-man, iron man, captain america, thor, hulk, daredevil, sue storm, and silver surfer/ I figure this line up will be very short lived (I picture DD, SS, and hulk leaving within a story arc or two, and spidey leaving within a year or two to replaced with a more traditional roster). If written in an action packed heroic style this story would be epic.

- Uncanny X-men: I decided two X-teams would be needed to fit my ideas I have. But I also decided both will have different purposes. Their history will be largely the same except for the much smaller team rosters (the 6 of each of the two X teams will be the sole members, Xavier will be in charge of both teams but mostly as a supporting character/teacher/mentor role). Uncanny will be composed of Scott Summers, Jean Grey, The Beast, Arcangel, Iceman, and Shadowcat. This will be the domestic team focusing mainly on mutant rights in the US, educating young mutants at the Xavier institute, and defeating evil mutants locally. The Xavier Institute will be the US first openly mutant college and give scholarships to mutants. This gives the campus itself a mutant majority, but some non mutants are their too. But the high enrollment costs limit the non mutant population. A mutant town has sprung up in westchester due to this.

- Astonishing X-men: The X-mens “away team” this team will be more of a strike force dealing with threats to mutants abroad and helping mutants excape from oppression. This team will be composed of Havoc, Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, Rogue, and Nightcrawler. They will be stationed away from the main institute to limit direct threats to it. This base will be more a military complex than a school to fit the differences between the uncanny and astonishing.

- Daredevil: Daredevil I mainly chose to be a classic character to round out my 12 books. I never really read DD so cannot think of many reasons to alter it. Maybe reduce elektras role in his story a bit, but even that I am unsure on. I may as well leave him unchanged.

ok, this was exhausting to type. even spread out over weeks.

Awesome post!

One thing about Thor (my fave) I never thought worked was the whole "lesson in humility" thing. In my reboot, Thor would perish some time prior too the modern era, sacrificing himself against some horrible threat to Asgard. To the infinite sorrow of Odin and the rest, Thor's soul is nowhere to be found, neither Valhalla nor Helheim.

Odin, in his grief puts his hammer in the cave in Norway he was born.

Thor, is, of course REBORN as an actual human, Don Blake. A frail man physicly, but goes on to become a great man of medicine. Haunted by strange dreams of warriors and trolls.

And the rest his history - Blake finds the Hammer and resumes his id as Thor.

However this would make a valid reason for thor to retain his mortal id, since it wouldn't be a false magical construct from Odin. And Blake would hopefully be a much more real person. Even in the leeKirby days, he completely failed to develop.