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Subj: because then they'd have to hire someone who could write a COMIC, God forbid
Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 at 07:59:25 am EDT
Reply Subj: SI #3 - Why does the action in fighting not tell a story anymore? [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 at 09:16:35 am EDT

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Am I the only one who is becoming increasingly irritated that fight sequences don't seem to be shown in a linear enough way to know..

who is fighting who
who is winning
what specific techniques/powers etc are causing the outcomes

it just looks like a mess with costumes a good chunk of the time.

The visual of fights used to have an ebb and flow that told you a lot about the personality of the combatants.

This issue and mighty/new avengers of the last year have been particularly egrigious offenders.

I know it is trying to depict the chaos of war but this isn't a documentary.

Clarity needs to be respected enough that the story is digestible.

This feels like a movie with over/poor use of the shoulder held camera technique.

Please explain why I am wrong or why you agree.

And cuz some writers cant write a fight scene. Some however can do it fine, but really, as other posters mentioned, there's a choreography to making a fight scene. If a writer says "depict large group fighting, participants should include characters x, y, and z" then it's up to the artist to basically depict what's asked of them. Random slugfest with the occasional grunt and "aack!" tossed in. You mention Avengers. Bendis has great ideas and dialogue, but i've said it for years, he really doesn't belong in mainstream comic medium. He's out of his element writing the "big guns" and truth to tell, you can point at sales all you want in the here and now, it's the long term effect that damages the entire industry. A reader drops the book here and there, and new readers cant jump on board and clearly understand everything that's happening without an omnibus to help them - part of superhero comics is the FIGHT. How it plays out. It's in the nuances. Bendis and others can argue that "in real life, this is how it would be..." but they're wrong. Melees are not about a gang of people punching one another and swapping opponents. The Avengers and X-Men TRAIN so that they can counter opponents and contain them in their own fashion. It's a chess match sometimes, or it's a battle of willpower - it's shown in the details. Characters don't just "read and react" like a bad NFL defense.

So my long winded point is that while some titles may thrive by relying on dialogue and never ending story threads, Marvel is shooting themselves in the foot consistently by not hiring writers that are willing to stick to a classic and proven writing standard and allow the action to be a part of the story. Some people in power in the industry just dont get it anymore and thats sad.

Would Die Hard had been as much fun if the bad guys just massed up and jumped on Mclane and beat him to death? No. It's a movie, not reality. If I want reality, i'll go take on some terrorists myself and get my @$$ shot up in 30 seconds.

These are comics and not reality. The harder they try to infuse reality - especially their OWN interpretation of reality - into the comics, the further away they get from making comics. That's why more people will see The Hulk movie this coming weekend than will buy his latest comic. At least we know each punch will have some kind of visual impact, regardless of how good the overall movie turns out.

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