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Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 at 09:56:30 pm EDT
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So we have in this day and age:
- A Spider-man who makes deals with the devil to undo his marriage vows;
- A Reed Richards who makes a defective, murdering clone/cyborg of his old friend Thor;
- A morally compromised Iron Man (who's a walking "the ends justify the means" argument, which formerly was the domain of Doctor Doom and Magneto);
- A traitorous and dead Captain America;
- A Hulk who takes over New York City and tortures his friends;
- A Cyclops who commands a death squad and issues kill orders;

... among many other examples. Most of the Marvel heroes of old are now fractured and lost in today's world. So who are the shining lights? Who remain heroes in today's world?

Here's my short list (in no particular order):

1. Nova. In issue after issue, this guy makes personal sacrifices to do the right thing. Richard Rider is the new Peter Parker.

2. Thor. The last of the big three to remain noble and heroic. I'd like to see him leave the seclusion of Asgard and make himself more of a presence in the world though.

3. Multiple Man. The darker Cyclops gets, the more I admire Jamie Maddrox. He's trying to do good in a morally bankrupt world.

4. The Thing. The heart of the FF had the dignity to rise above the Civil War. He alone had the ability to realize it was lose-lose, and stayed out. I still love this guy.

5. The Young Avengers. I keep seeing them hop in the fray, despite the risk of personal consequences. They're junior fanboys who just want to make a difference, and in my mind, they're vastly more heroic than the actual Avengers (either team).

Anyone else?

> - A Reed Richards who makes a defective, murdering clone/cyborg of his old friend Thor;
To be fair to Reed, he was working with who he thought was Pym but turned out to be a Skrull. Skrullowjacket probably either tampered with Clor or lacked the real Pym's creative genius.OTOH,the Skrull wouldn't have been able to replace Pym in the first place if Reed hadn't taken part in the Illuminati's stupid attack on the Skrulls that enabled the Skrulls to become humans "physically and mentally".