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Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 at 06:23:57 pm EDT
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I miss my boy from the 70's.

> My number one choice would be Darkstar. This is the easiest way for her to make a return, after having been killed off so ridiculously in NEW X-MEN by Grant Morrison. So far, Mockingbird has returned (or so it looks right now anyway) and this makes me happy, so I'll take her until a writer brings back Darkstar. \:\-\) I know I'm not the only Laynia fan, too. \:\-\)


> I miss my boy from the 70's.


Reading: I've been bagging comics and reading randomly. DAREDEVIL #107 (plotline collision by Steve Gerber using up the science fiction leftovers somewhat out of place in this book and half the issue is actually a CAPTAIN MARVEL story. It's got something - at least completion - and the art is an interesting blend of Sal Buscema tightly inking Bob Brown. In # 107, Gerber hit his stride taking Matt and Natasha back to New York and reintroducing vital DD veteran and co-star, Foggy Nelson. It was memorably inked by Paul Gulacy, also over Brown.); ADVENTURE COMICS #425 - chock full of Alex Toth, Alex Nino and Gil Kane inking himself - ludicrously good. Alex Toth demonstrates beautifully the beguiling chemistry of lettering actually performed by the artist. And that artist is Toth. It's so intergrated... so clean and expressive. Wow!; THUNDERBOLT # 56 (Charlton in 1967 - drawn by "PAM"); THUNDERBOLT JAXON # 1-6 (written by Dave Gibbons - almost a British WHAT IF? starring Thor and the familiar pantheon of Norse Gods. A good yarn.), GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE #1 (here, Green Arrow is more of a plonker than ever. He's just unlikeable. So I'm passing on the rest but I did find it well written and excitingly drawn) and I'm just starting KAVALIER AND CLAY by Michael Chabon
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