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Subj: (minor gripe) the expression is "COULDN'T care less", not "could" *NT*
Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 at 09:23:14 pm EDT
Reply Subj: My pick too. Could care less about Young Avengers Vision though. Keep him dead. *NT*
Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 at 03:56:08 pm EDT

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> > My number one choice would be Darkstar. This is the easiest way for her to make a return, after having been killed off so ridiculously in NEW X-MEN by Grant Morrison. So far, Mockingbird has returned (or so it looks right now anyway) and this makes me happy, so I'll take her until a writer brings back Darkstar. \:\-\) I know I'm not the only Laynia fan, too. \:\-\)
> The Vision. We never saw him phase in Avengers Disassembled; he could easily have been swapped with a robot full of Ultron-balls. It would take some fancy dancing to explain how Young Vision got his memories, but it appears Young Vision had his head blown off in SI#3 anyway. As much as I like Young Vision and his expanding relationship with Stature, I'd sacrifice him in a heartbeat to have the original Vision back.

Because if you COULD care less (than you do about YA Vision), then you're actually expressing that you care.

"Could care less" = "irregardless" = "could of" = English deformations that need to be stopped before they reach my kids. LOL