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Subj: More Future counterparts of established villains; DC may have started this with
Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 at 04:00:43 am EDT (Viewed 122 times)
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> Any MVL examples of future versions of established villains?

There are 2099 versions of Doctor Doom, the Green Goblin, the Vulture, Venom, and the Phalanx. (The Phalanx are the same race as the "present-day" versions; Doom may or may not have been the original.) The original 2099 timeline also featured an entire cult of indiscriminate vigilantes modeled on the Foolkiller identity. Another villain from this timeline, Halloween Jack, took on the identity of Loki at one point...and, oddly, was killed later still as Halloween Jack only to somehow be displaced in time to the "present" MU, where he pestered Domino for an issue of X-Force. The current-day villain Exodus survived into that time period as well.

Additionally, a 2211 version of the Green Goblin turned up in Spider-Man Meets Spider-Man 2099 #1. Later, 2211 versions of the Hobgoblin and Chameleon turned up in issues of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

The Last Avengers Story provided future incarnations of Ultron (same entity as the current one, in effect anyway) and a new Grim Reaper.

The Marvel UK series Death's Head II featured Baron Strucker V, a descendant of the most notorious Supreme HYDRA of "today's" Marvel Universe from the year 2020, who became the villain Charnel in one timeline. A 2020 version of the villainous organization Advanced Idea Mechanics also turned up in this series.

Future Sentinels have been a mainstay of the various X-Men titles since the first "Days of Future Past" storyline.

Along similar lines, the X-Man Bishop's native timeline features a future Hellfire Club and an entire race of vampiric "Emplates" who are connected to the present-day villain Emplate. The race of Emplates were mentioned in passing in Uncanny X-Men #308, some months before the original Emplate's first appearance, but finally confirmed as the descendants of the contemporary Emplate in Generation X #14.

In an especially unusual case, an established future character -- the sometimes-villainous Iron Man of 2020 -- had an even more villainous descendant turn up as the Iron Man of 2093. In short, a villainous version of a mildly villainous version of a present-day hero! I've no idea how that counts for this list.

The MC2 timeline is anomalous in several respects -- to begin with, it's more of a parallel timeline than a future period, as it is meant to be topically contemporary with the present of Earth-616. The events of Earth-616 simply happened 15 years earlier on the MC2 Earth. That said, there are two significant successors to the Green Goblin: Normie Osborn took up the mantle of insanity for a time before reforming, and then a female variant called Fury the Goblin Queen emerged. Fury in turn teamed with the Black Tarantula, the adult MC2 counterpart of the 616 Black Tarantula's infant son. On separate occasions, Peter Parker and Moose Mansfield were briefly and involuntarily turned into successors of Venom and Carbnage, respectively. Most MC2 successor villains, like Fury, use different codenames than their predecessors: Electro's daughter wears a nearly identical costume to her father's, but goes by Aftershock; and Blackie (Vulture) Drago's daughter uses similar equipment but calls herself Raptor. In this timeline, Galactus has a new herald named Dominas who may be seen as a successor to prior heralds.

Another odd case is Nimrod, the futuristic Sentinel, which traveled back in time and was eventually fused with Master Mold. However, thanks to an examination of its components, Sebastian Shaw was able to begin building more primitive Nimrod units with contemporary technology, one of which turned up and was destroyed in X-Force v.1 #35.

Similarly, the cyborg mutant-hunter Ahab first appeared in the "Days of Future Present" as a traveler from another timeline, after which events conspired to turn his present-day counterpart Rory Campbell into a somewhat different present-day Ahab.

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