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Subj: Re: Loving Guardians of the Galaxy: New Members (Edited)
Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 at 03:08:37 am EDT (Viewed 184 times)
Reply Subj: Loving Guardians of the Galaxy: New Members (Request)
Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 at 09:05:17 pm EDT (Viewed 191 times)

> I am just loving the new incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy. There is a nod and acknowledgment to the past and at the same time looking forward to new and exciting adventures.
Finding Vance Astrovik in the ice was such an obvious choice that I never thought of it. I was expecting something to do with Steve Rogers when I saw the sheild. It's not often I get pleasantly surprised for my three bucks a month.

> Now that one of their mandate is to guard the galaxy from weird fissure happenings do you guys think they need additional new members for that:
> I vote for Dark Angel aka Hell's Angel possessor of the fabric of reality.

I was entertaining the idea last night of what new members I'd like to see join the team, and realized there's only a few Marvel women that would fit this cosmic roster as well as Quasar, Mantis and Gamora. But Hell/Dark Angel is a really good choice. I like that idea.
> also for all Marvel Zombies out there...
> Ulysses Solomon Archer!
> WHOA! if Rocket can get it why not our galactic trucker?

Hey if Jim Scully[*] could guest star in Hawkeye's last series, then any body is possible.

-[*Jim Scully of Skull The Slayer fame. A 70s comic by Marvel. -Post-pestering Psifaxx]

I've seen a preview cover with an updated Starhawk so I'm extra excited about that.
My two and a half favorite characters of the original Guardians. (2 & 1/2 You ask? Hey, I was counting Aleta. But actually I'm kinda hoping it's just Starhawk this time around, separated from his better half.)

Others I'd like to see join (but not at the expense of GotG turning into an LSH) are:

Ship. idon't believe Starlord. She'll be back.

The actual 616 version of KILLRAVEN: Yeah, maybe it's a different timeline, but switch Martian invasion for the Skrulls invasion and you'd have a formidable warrior-with-a-cause on the team.
And technically, its 2008 anyway, the Martians should've invaded us by now, as they did by 2001 in Major Victory's history.[**]

-[**see Defenders #26 page 11. -dinopsifacts]

CAPTAIN MARVEL 2.0: The latest one,the Skrully one. I'd like to see the interplay between Phyla and him. Aw Dast! Throw in Hulkling and a revived Genis too. Now there's a family tree that resembles Reed Richards playing Twister solo.

The Presence and Tanya "whateverImcallingmyselfthesedays" Belinsky.[***] They were held captive on the Stranger's lab world, so it'd seem appropriate they would join a team dedicated to stopping such incidents of cosmic kidnapping by the likes of the Stranger and The Collector.

-[*** The female Red Guardian/Starlight. -Proletarian Psi]

One of Yondu's ancestors. Or maybe a sibling of the Nova Centurion who perished at the start of Annihilus' wave.[****]

-[**** What? You really needed a footnote for this? You mean you didn't read Annihilation? Blasphemy! I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to confiscate your video games for the rest of the summer. -Shamingonyou Psi]

Firelord. Currently unemployed. Will work for food...just not Galactus's.

Mantis' son. Sequoia. No better way to convince your cosmic compatriots that you really are the Celestial Madonna than by springing this little ungrateful bastard onto the team. And being the son of a dead Kree tree, he'd probably get along great with Groot.

Squirrel Girl: So she could get knocked up by Rocket Raccoon, accidentally time-slip to the 1800s and give birth to a certain James Howlett/Logan. Explaining a lot.

The High Evolutionary. The team needs a big brain to turn to at times and he's already involved with the Guardians in a way due to his ties with Adam.

and last but least, least; my most hopeful desire...

Downloading the Worldmind into a co-opted Isaac, turning Titan into the new headquarters of the reformed Nova Corps. and having the Guardians being the elite crisis team of deputies...NOVA, of course.