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Subj: Re: black Villains at Marvel
Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 at 10:03:43 pm CDT
Reply Subj: black Villains at Marvel
Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 at 05:39:24 pm CDT

> Are there any A-list black or African villains at marvel? There are obviously a lot of white and asian (Mandarin, Yellow claw, fu manchu, etc.) evil world beaters. but i realized i couldnt think of any major black villains, you know ones that can threaten the world or part of it. or have some ambition beyond just stealing money.
> the black ones i think of tend to be on the less powered side and often become semi-heroes (rocket racer, prowler, equinox, etc) almost like the writers feel guilty about writing black villains and have to make them "misunderstood". others are just part of a larger group, like thunderball or man-ape
> anyway, im sure there are some major league black villains out there. I just cant think of any at the moment. can anyone help me out?

Tombstone, Cardiac, Calypso (by no means "popular," but she is Haitian), Hypno Hustler (he counts, right?), Tempo, Frenzy, Moses Magnum, Lion God (I assume he's black), Bushmaster, Cottonmouth, Thunderball, Hammer (of Hammer and Anvil), Kiber the Cruel, Man-Ape, Killmonger, Chemistro, Nekra, Black Talon, Black Racer, Vertigo (Salem's Seven), Diamondback (Cage foe), Bison, Miss Arrow (from Spider-Man), The Advisor (War Machine enemy), Aries II, Bliss (Morlocks), Bushman (Moon Knight villain), Cardinal, Centurius, Darkoth (Fantastic Four enemy), Foxfire (Squadron Supreme), Impala, Jack-in-the-Box (Weapon X), King Bedlam, Locus (well, she's been appearing as a black woman longer than she appeared as a white woman by now), Midnight Sun (I LOVED THIS GUY WHEN I WAS A KID!), Midnight's Fire, Mr. Fish, Mr. Fish II (his brother), Nightshade, Powerhouse (the female one), Punchout (Genoshan), Rock Python, Scorcher, Vermin, Alex Wilder (essentially, he was a mole), Geoffrey Wilder.

I got most of the latter ones (the ones in mostly alphabetical order) from a category listing on Wikipedia, so take those with a grain of salt if you must. It seems most of these villains are sorely underused or just jokes or one-offs. The Advisor never appeared again. Miss Arrow...was she actually a spider-creature or a woman overrun by a spider-creature-thingamabob? Impala isn't really a "villain" I don't think. An opportunist perhaps. Mercenary? I didn't include characters like Apocalypse, Asp, Living Mummy, Sphinx, et al because they're Egyptian and Egyptian does not equal black. In fact, it rarely equates black, at least in my experience. And those characters have never been portrayed as such.

On a side note, I think Bushman has the potential to be badass if used properly (and it seems he was in his more recent appearances). Moses Magnum could be a top-tier super-villain is ever properly utilized and not made a fool of. Why has no one touched Midnight Sun in almost twenty years? Is he still with the Inhumans? Where is he?! He's such an awesome character and a great, weird visual I think. Childhood friends (basically a brother to) with Shang-Chi and then used by the Kree as a pawn against the Silver Surfer. That's diverse. Geoffrey Wilder, if, you know, not dead (or "dead"? Which is it?), would no doubt be a formidable villain in the MU.

DC seems to have a few more established black villains than Marvel. Shadow Thief and Black Manta come to mind. Interesting topic. Even more interesting to see how pitiful the selection actually is. This characters are ripe for development. Well, except for maybe Mr. Fish.

---Travis Ian

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