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Subj: Re: black Villains at Marvel
Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 at 01:18:12 pm EDT (Viewed 77 times)
Reply Subj: Re: black Villains at Marvel
Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 at 11:45:48 pm EDT (Viewed 50 times)

> > Are there any A-list black or African villains at marvel?
> I can think of a couple with the tools to be a real threats, even to some teams. However, while they have A-list power, I wouldn't consider them as having A-list profile in terms of notariety (sp?).
> Thunderball:
> - it seems that most writers along the way have forgotten that this guy has a genius-level intellect, and was a very accomplished physicist on par with Bruce Banner. It seems the last time I remember this being demonstrated was in the "Breakout from the Vault" graphic novel. Since then, he's just been cast as a sadistic s.o.b. with a hip-hop flava and not much apparent intellect.
> Toward the end of Avengers vol. 3, there was a storyline where the team was fighting the Wrecking Crew in England. I felt that this characterization of Thunderball was more right-on with where he should be. He kinda ran the show. He slapped down the Wrecker when he got lippy. But, alas, it turned out that it was someone posing as Thunderball.

While I was glad someone finally remembered the guy was smart, I don't think he was characterized very well in that Avengers story. He was well versed in literature sure, but not necessarily "big time physics guy". I dislike it when eveyone who is "smart" is constantly quoting literature a la the Beast. It's like Marvel geniouses who are experts in EVERY field known to man.

My favorite Thunderbal story is "Round Robin: The Sidekick's Revenge" from Amazing Spider-Man (a 6 issue run a little after issue #350). He was depowered, and had to build himself a suit, but he showed some practical intelligence in dealing with people (both in and out of spandex costumes). He also showed that he was well versed in technology by building himself a battle suit that simulated his old "Wrecking Crew" powers. As tired as I am of the Wrecking Crew, I think every member of the Crew would benefit from some panel time as a solo act, or as part of a different grouping to develop a little as characters.

> As much as some people hate to see the Wrecking Crew show up as that antagonists, I think if they team had some intellect, planning, vision, and direction, they'd be truly formidable. And unless there's some limitation in the powers that prevents them from eliminating the Wrecker, I would've expected Thunderball to destroy him long ago.
> Moses Magnum:
> - The first time I ever saw ole Mo' was in an Uncanny X-Men comic, circa issue 110. I saw somewhere else that he was a Black Panther villain, which I didn't know. However, I *did* know that he held his own against the entire team of Avengers in volume 3.
> I don't know much about him, but he seemed to have enough organization about him to represent a legit threat.

Yeah, I'd like to see MM rise up and become a major threat.


Use Priest's Killmonger as a major world threat. The guy has geneteically enhanced speed, strength, agility; fights at Black Panther's level; understands and manipulates the world economy, politics, psychology. He ought to be a major schemer that the good guys can never quite catch in the act.