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Subj: Re: What is the difference between the Amulet of Right and Sword of Might?
Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 at 09:54:27 pm EDT (Viewed 42 times)
Reply Subj: Re: What is the difference between the Amulet of Right and Sword of Might?
Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 at 08:11:28 pm EDT (Viewed 39 times)

> Lionheart wasn't told what they represent until after she made her choice. She was just shown a sword and an amulet. In fact, Kelsey asked, and Meggan even told her that she and Brian were not allowed to say what each artifact represents. So, basically, Kelsey just chose a sword over jewelry. Of all of Austen's failures, I'm unable to forgive this one the most. It's bloody horrific.
Yeah, I can see how in a desperate situation one would choose a sword over fancy jewelry. That and the whole curse bit doesn't make any sense. I can see why she would blame him for not telling her.

> > It's akin to Solomon choosing "wisdom" as his gift of God, not a
> > flashy gift, but a profound one. He could have asked for power, but
> > knew that it would not be being true to his nature.
> Yeah.

I suppose choosing the path of violence would indicate one is of lesser moral character than one who chose the amulet so I can see why they would prefer people who chose it, but if the person they are offering the power to is a good person in nature (which with all of roma' magic I think she would know) and if the sword is not inherintly evil or tending to corrupt than the amulet I can see why people would have issues with prejudice against the sword of might. Espically considering how vauge the descriptions are. (Afterall, one would consider the path of peace "right," but if someone chose the amulet and refused to use violence at all against certain threats that could cause greater harm than a person using the sword.)