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Subj: Professor X and the Fantastic Four
Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 at 01:10:05 am EDT (Viewed 55 times)
Reply Subj: Marvel version of Smallville
Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 at 11:25:28 am EDT

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Smallville has been floundering for ages now. Which is a damn shame as it really could have been sooooo good.
If Marvel could make a 'smallville-esque' show, what character(s) would be best.
Mutant X kinda sucked and so did the GenX pilot so I'd stay clear of a big mutant teams myself ....
Spidey could be done maybe, or maybe FF.
I thing Thor with a young Eric Masterson finding the hammer could be cool.

The thing that made "Smallville" so great was that it wasn't a superhero show. One of the original ideas behind the show was "no flights, no tights".

With that, you are really limited in terms of popular characters. It would have to someone that always had their powers, and the discovery that comes with them over time. A mutant character would be the obvious candidates. It's about a character having adventures before they become a superhero. So characters like Spider-Man wouldn't make that much sense here.

A show that focused on the pre-X-Men days of Professor X would be closest to the "Smallville" idea. He already has somewhat of a pre-existing support cast, like Moira McTaggert, or Cain Marko. Magneto would be another obvious candidate. You could also have existing characters meet up with Xavier in those days, like Mr. Sinister, Sebastian Shaw, or even Wolverine.

Instead of going the teenage drama route, have the main characters be in their 30s. Then you could have appearances by young versions of modern day mutants. Perhaps Professor X could scout out the mutants ahead of time before he recruits them, so we could see things like a 10 year old Nightcrawler.

Another option could be the teenage versions of the Fantastic Four. It has already been established that Reed was somewhat of an adventurer, and it wouldn't be that far of stretch to say that he might bring Ben or Sue on some of the trips. He already knew other characters like Doom long before he became an actual superhero. It wouldn't be that far of a stretch for him to investigate unnatural cases here either, such as a visit to Monster Island. This would probably be the best way to mimic the idea of "Smallville" as a TV show.