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Subj: Smallville Avengers
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Smallville has been floundering for ages now. Which is a damn shame as it really could have been sooooo good.
If Marvel could make a 'smallville-esque' show, what character(s) would be best.
Mutant X kinda sucked and so did the GenX pilot so I'd stay clear of a big mutant teams myself ....
Spidey could be done maybe, or maybe FF.
I thing Thor with a young Eric Masterson finding the hammer could be cool.

I'd make all the characters college age except for Hank:

The Cast:
Clint (Olympics in training archer)
Wanda (Mysterious mutant babe)
Pietro (Mutant speedster)
Hank Pym (Older professor/scientist similar to how he was portrayed in West Coast Avengers)
Jan (Young heiress and would-be adventurer)
Monica (Young-ish woman just out of the military with strange energy powers)
Victor (Human looking android with real emotions)
T'Challa (Exchange student and inventor extraordinary)

The Pitch:
Pym is associated with a university where the other cast members are students.
Jan has a crush on Hank which leads to her and her best friends Clint and T'challa hang out around his lab a lot.
Monica is newly discharged from the army after an accident that gives her powers that she can barely understand or control.
Victor is discovered attending the college but has no memories of how he was created or by whom.
Wanda and Pietro have natural born powers that they've tried to keep hidden for their whole lives; they've come to America to make a break from their past and to hide from controlling family members..

Despite their age differences Jan and Hank have an attraction which is difficult because Hank is more absorbed by his work than he is by romance. Wanda has a secret crush on the mysterious Victor which drives Pietro crazy. Clint has a crush on Wanda but is easily distracted by other interests (Bobbi, Natasha, etc.) Monica and T'challa have an attraction that is complicated by both Monica's and T'challa's patriotism to their respected countries.

Episode One:
Newly discharged from Iraq, Monica has enrolled in the University as a way of meeting Professor Hank Pym, who she hopes will be able to help her gain control of the strange powers she's been exhibiting since her "accident". But Dr. Pym and his star student T'challa are helpless when Monica's on the verge of exploding until a chance encounter with the mysterious mutant Wanda helps get things under control. Meanwhile Jan and Clint are intrigued by Victor another new student who seems to have many secrets.