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Subj: Re: Marvel version of Smallville
Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 at 04:17:17 am EDT
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Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 at 11:25:28 am EDT

I like the idea of seeing the marvel characters develop at a time before they were superheroes but I don't think I'd do it exactly the same as Smallville. I imagine more of an X-Files or Incredible Hulk tv show vibe with a new adventure in a new location every episode. We start with a freshly thawed out Captain America. The focus and star of the show. He wakes in a world where there are no superheroes. Time has seemed to pass him by but SHIELD has other ideas. Taking away his Shield and cowl Steve Rogers and given a suit and tie he's paired with Carol Danvers fresh out of Air Force Intelligence. Together they investigate the mysteries and crimes of a seemingly growing metahuman community and the supernatural.

Every week a new adventure and a new character. After a deadly hurricane that's flooded much of New Orleans Coast Guard Captain Monica Rambeau reports that the sunken city has been invaded by water men. It's up to Steve and Carol to stop a pre-Namor Atlantean Invasion. Also featuring Admiral Peter Noble (formerly the Fin.)

Carol and Steve race to the scene after receiving an SOS from Carol's old friend and fellow Flyboy Ben Grimm. He and Scientist Reed Richards have stumbled onto a tomb made up of other stolen tombs from different archaelogical sites and museums. The greatest treasure the world has ever known. Little do any of them know this is where the Saint of Thieves is burried and his Crypt is Protected by The Thieves Guild. Can they survive the attack of Jean-Luc Lebeau.

There's a new cat burglar in town and she seems to be leaving an unusual calling card, streaks of unforecasted lightning. Will Steve and Carol be able to solve this mystery. Ororo Munroe must faces hard choices as to who she is and what she's becoming.

New York City is becoming a very dangerous place as a gangwar errupts. Many men compete with guns and drugs to become the Kingpin of Crime. Is the cure worse than the disease though. Officer Frank Castle of the NYPD fights to keep his neighborhood sane and beloved family safe. A local neighborhood watch with a mysterious benefactor has just hired mercenary Marc Spector as their own personal vigilante.

The Rocky Mountains are being infested by Giant Ants. Steve and Carol team up with scientist Hank Pym to keep his science from going horribly wrong.

Something is amiss in the heart of America. Someone is stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment and aiming it at a travelling circus. Two stars Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are having so much trouble Circus strong woman and stunt rider Sharon Ventura turned bodyguard will have a hard time protecting them without their big secret getting out. Could rival circus promoter Maynard Tiboldt have something to do with it.

Of course this all leads up to Steve putting on the costume again and starting a new team of Avengers for the new era down the road.

> Smallville has been floundering for ages now. Which is a damn shame as it really could have been sooooo good.
> If Marvel could make a 'smallville-esque' show, what character(s) would be best.
> Mutant X kinda sucked and so did the GenX pilot so I'd stay clear of a big mutant teams myself ....
> Spidey could be done maybe, or maybe FF.
> I thing Thor with a young Eric Masterson finding the hammer could be cool.