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Subj: Re: This Month's Previews Thoughts
Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 at 10:52:23 am CDT (Viewed 57 times)
Reply Subj: This Month's Previews Thoughts
Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 at 08:37:07 am CDT

> You can't pay me enough to buy MARVEL APES. Good Lord, I thought the Zombie crap was bad....surprised I didn't see Slott's name in the writing credits.... someone who has criticized Marvel in the past over being too dark across the board and therefore less fun, I don't want to criticize them for trying to be fun or original with their characters. I can't say that i'm stoked to read Marvel Apes, but who knows? It may turn out to be entertaining. Still, I can envision a worst case scenario: Marvel's ape heroes vs Marvels ape villains in a poop-flinging contest.

Is it that you don't like Slott's work or that you're actively campaigning against him?

> I'm curious about MS. Marvel's new direction, post-SI. A death in the family....uh's about time we got to Carol's family, I think...and having an annual for Ms. Marvel is just too awesome!

Meh. MM isn't for me. I've found most annuals to be a waste of space to be totally honest, adding little if anything to the main title. I tend to avoid them.

> Still shaking my head at Anti-Venom....utter ridiculousness....

Agreed. Spider-Man makes me sad. I'm not interested in Anti-Venom. Hitting the magic-Mephisto-reset button should go down as one of, if not THE, single-worst decisions ever made in comics history.

> In a strange, completely shocking, WTF twist, I bought AVENGERS: THE INITIATVE #14 yesterday for SECRET INVASION purposes. With Gage co-writing, maybe I will withstand it. We will see. Now no one can say I didn't give the book a chance. Review on Monday.

I picked up several Avengers Initiative books and thought they were just fine. Still, it wasn't enough to keep me coming back for more (at least for my tastes). Having an SI tie-in is a sure fire guarantee that I WON'T hop back aboard this issue. My guess: based on my flip-thru of SI #3 at the LCS, this is just filler and added scenes to the fight that occured in that issue.

> The end of the New Warriors is coming? Does this mean the book is about to be canned?

I felt the first several issues of the series didn't do the core concept justice. They barely featured the stars of the book, and I just stopped buying. I've heard good things since, but if this series were to be cancelled, it wouldn't surprise me. Maybe it's just the usual cliche tease to say "the end of the..."?

> Too much %^&&*'n Wolverine one-shots. Good Lord. Shoot me now, Elf with a Gun....

Couldn't agree more. Seriously, Marvel has been pimping his character out way too much and it's gonna bite them when he's passe and they havent created enough new interesting characters to fill the void.

> I can't wait to get NEW AVENGERS #45....I look back at House of M through the eyes of Veranke/Spider-Woman....should be quite intersting. The New Avengers issues have been much better story-wise than the MIGHTY ones, I must add.

I'll take your word for it. Avengers is off my radar until Marvel gives them a writer who gives a damn.

> The final battle against the Red Skull in CAPTAIN AMERICA? Yeah, right. Good fake out. Sure. Uh huh.

Yeah, I agree. Brubaker couldn't possibly want to wrap up the Red Skull elements THIS soon. He hasn't reached his 50th issue yet, for crying out loud! (sarcasm senses tingling!) Still, I have enjoyed his run thus far. This is one i'll probably be getting.

> SHE-HULK is still being published?

You said this last month too, didn't you? Again, I have to ask, is it that you don't like the writer or that you're campaigning against them?
I only say this because I dont personally want to see ANY title get cancelled. Even if I dont read it.

> Project: PEGASUS is back in NOVA? Cool beans. Should be good. Does Blue Shield still work there?

Nova! Now we're talking!

> Gamora and Quasar should just make out and be done with it. Hehe.

Finally, a campaign you started that I can sign off on.....

> Thinking about picking up SI: INHUMANS....

I'll wait for the reviews.....

> Ms. Marvel gets an annual....oh, yeah, baby....

I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

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