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Subj: I did try. It sapped my will to live......
Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 at 02:47:39 pm CDT (Viewed 47 times)
Reply Subj: Try to read these stories with the proper context
Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 at 12:16:35 pm CDT (Viewed 1 times)

> Do you think you'd be appreciating the story more or registering a higher "wow" factor if you didn't spend the last few months digesting all the speculation and spoilers on these boards?

I've actually said as such before, and to be honest, that's a very valid point. In fact, i've done my fair share of speculating and anticipating prior to SI. The first issues revelations were spoiled for me (and it's because I chose to read them, not that someone forced that info at me unwanted). So maybe that is a partial cause...but stepping away from all of that, I don't think it's the driving factor as to why I don't like SI. It's not BMB hate either.
Here's a couple things that I feel contribute to my opinion:

Marvel's over the top hype leading up to the event. What they deem to be a major revelation, I deem to be a dangling plot thread. Pym being a Skrull? I (and anyone really) suspected him and had him at the top of our lists as suspects. Spider-Woman as well. These were not jaw-droppers. Issue 1 was all buildup, no real story, 2 was a continuation of 1, and in the tone of the current Marvel U, all the major revelations were really just more questions.

Truth be told, when speculation and hype is better than the end result, then I have no problems voicing my disapproval of the story. A good idea can create interesting story ideas, as we've seen on this board. Posters here had some great thoughts and ideas that i'd have loved to see happen. However, SI is a good story idea that's just festering and not progressing very far. I've literally seen or heard nothing interesting since the series began, other than maybe Mockingbird is back, assuming she isn't a Skrull. By issue 3, we should be well past the event in the Savage Land and onto other exciting things. Tie-in issues should NOT be a must-read to understand what is happening in the main title. They should build off of the main story in the mini, not vice versa. As a result, the current Avengers books are wasted and SI is sloppier for it as a cohesive story.

If I ate an air sandwich, i'd literally walk away from the experience with more than SI has delivered. At least I might get a good belch out of the air sandwich.

I wish I were wrong - I mean that sincerely. I love Marvel. I want to enjoy Marvel. I root for Marvel's success. But SI is showcasing the garbage style of storytelling that somehow makes money and literally destroys the comic book medium. It's horrible. I cant imagine how anyone who loves classic comics - much less someone who loves to read - could derive any pleasure from SI.

> While I don't care for the writer and am not buying the series, I *do* have respect for his task of trying to keep things coherent, interesting, and unexpected in the environment of the internet where any potentially flimsy plot thread can be speculated to death and where any leaked info that *is* valid can derail the "reveal" at some critical juncture of a story.

I pretty much covered my thoughts on the "reveals" in SI, so on to the other point:
I work at an emergency communications center. I see people try every day. Those who try but cant do the job? Well, when they fail, people get hurt or they die. So it's sad, but when that happens, those people have to go and find something different to do. Comics have less on the line than lives, obviously, but where you see Bendis "trying" to coordinate and stay coherent - i'm seeing a mess and a failure to do so in an entertaining way.
Mike Meyers was a critical and media darling. The movie "Love Guru" tanked over the weekend. Ever since i've read probably 10 articles about what a jerk he can be, or how unfunny he really is (for the record, I think he just crapped out a loser but that he's still a talented guy). It's not fair, but that's entertainment.
Bad press, speculation, critques, fan backlash, Monday morning wannabes and all of that negative stuff go along with BMB's job. When he sucks he deserves to be called out for it. Joe Q deserves to be called out for it. That's the downside of their jobs. Hey, they certainly can get praise when it's deserved. I respect their having to perform under tough scrutiny, but I also feel that the "love-in" these guys embrace for their work also acts as a shield to how the rest of the fans feel.

I know there are differing opinions. I think it's bad, bad, bad.

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