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> > I dare y'all to come up with the most inappropriate character to get the Marvel Adventures treatment. I nominate Elektra. I can't even imagine what they'd have to do with her backstory or choice of career. Would she be a notorious practical joker, so much so that she hires out to do it?
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> The Punisher - perhaps he LITERALLY lost his family in the park that day, and can't remember where they live, so until he can find his home address, he's got a supersoaker and he's not afraid to use it.
> Stacey-X - Mutant with pheremone related ability to induce sexual ecstasy and has worked as a hooker. Well that one more or less writes itself, surely?
> Cloud, the nude, gender switching being from the Defenders.
> And from the villains side, Ecstasy, the near nude (apart from a couple of artfully mobile blobs of darkforce) drug running villain from Cloak and Dagger would be a weird example

Holy Hell! This could be a team book! I have at least 69 story ideas in my head right now! (That Punisher . . . his name has always struck me as a little dirty . . . same with Iron Fist . . .)

I think this book should be done despite there already being the First Class books. Thing is, even with no book to book continuity, I think this gateway drug to real X-Men comics shouldn't have Storm and Wolverine in it. It also shouldn't be forced to feature th First Five. My solution? Either go with the original number of five or maybe make it seven. Pick X-Men as members who the readers of MAXM could find in a monthly adult X-Book as all but one of the members. That could be Cyclops, Multiple Man, Cannonball, Polaris, Marvel Girl (preferably Rachel), and Warpath. The last member would be a brand new team member graduated from the school. The choices could be Kitty, Jubilee, Pixie, Surge, or heck, could even be a guy like Hellion or anole.