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Subj: Ok here we go... I will now elaborate...
Posted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 at 02:38:57 am EDT (Viewed 74 times)
Reply Subj: What is wrong with Marvel now days.
Posted: Fri Jun 27, 2008 at 04:10:51 pm EDT

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Several things Marvel has done has made me say what the hell. First,you kill off the living legend Captian amercia. Second, you have Iron Man betray his friends of his own free will and form some secrect cabal that ended up making the world more dangerous and along with the us goverment and the SHRA made the skrulls job easier in invading earth.Spider Man made a deal with that demon Mephestio(Spiderman is not Johnny Blaze for christ sake). The explaination for what the demon did for Spidey makes no sense with somehow spidey lost his other powers,organic webing, and a boat load of experience and character development. He is back to being a rookie agian. A divorce is awlfull but making a deal with a demom isn't. My favorite chracter is Hulk and with a stroke of a pen the writer took away all his chracter development from wwh and PH by making him even stupider then stupid hulk ever was and introducing Red Hulk who in hulk 4 kickded stupid hulk like a goverment mule . It would have been better if we had Red Hulk v WWH/ Since both are powerful and proably equal it would be a battle of thinking and skills which would have been funner to watch.

The "problems" that exist with Marvel? Hmmm... I think the definition of "problems" within certain parameters takes on different aspects depending on exactly who the observer is (talk about your convolutions!). To somebody who pays attention to finances, Marvel is a great success right now! Now that's not me, but from what I've read Marvel is doing quite well in a medium that is sinking as a viable means of capital gain. Also the Marvel live action movies are doing extremely well with Iron Man as a critical and financial success!

(Good reason to quit buying the comics. If you don't like the direction: why but them? Make Marvel KNOW that most of what they are putting out is shoddily written, "reality-TV" flavored crap.)

But now to the discerning, literate and critical mind Marvel Comics, the actual comic book line, is a shoddy, somewhat depressing and unsatisfying mess. The glory days of 1961-1981 are long gone and that wonderful Marvel Universe, the REAL Original Universe, that made the "Distinguished Competition" change it's tune back in the '80s is long gone! Yet... this beast is making money... A sad reflection on our jaded and psychically overloaded populace I believe.

And here's why! ...background music please... I should have created a PowerPoint... ;\-\)

And yes, I will follow-up this list with some stuff that I actually think is good with the Bullpen these days.

1) The capriciousness of the writers at Marvel has hit an all-time high in lows! Bendis' callous murder of characters such as the Vision is an example. I've read that the man doesn't "get" the synthezoid. Yeah right, good reason to kill off characters: because the concept is beyond your understanding. Then you have Ultron and Loki becoming women! Now while female villains are always a good idea, randomly making male characters female is somewhat... Questionable. Why not just use already established female characters! All the while within this panorama, this parade of dysfunction, various characters such as Wolverine and Iron Man are basically getting away with murder! As the heroes become villains, the villains become heroes and pet characters like "The Hood" become stars overnight. Yes I do think that moral relativism equates to weakness which leads me to...

2) Weren't these folks in long underwear supposed to uphold "values", as well as ethics and morals... Or at least show some introspection once in a while? Now don't get wrong I like Iron Man and the Wolverine a lot but how much depravity do we have to see them wallow in? I mean if I want to see that I'd rather read stories about a real champ: Bullseye! Not only is there a paucity of inspiration and ethic in Marvel Comics these days but even "deep thought" seems to be at an all-time low. Peter Parker makes pacts with the "devil". Stark, Richards and company engage in high-handed activity that would make even a Malthusian blush. The Hulk seems to have forgotten that "theres a good man inside."

3) Comic books as myth and literature. Those soaring, sweeping grand epics of yesteryear... Boy they were great huh? Can't find too much of that stuff these days with nearly every comic book playing out like a video game on paper. Yeah the picture look nice, there's some great art out there, but the writers really are not writing! You now have comic books that even consist of almost no dialog with almost less action! then when there is dialog it reads like "Survivor 39 meets Jerry Springer!" Trash-talk central! There are exceptions, such as Ed Brubaker, but that is the exception not the rule. Read them. These things are dumbed down in a major way: no more references to Keats, Shakespeare or Nietzsche here folks! Nothing wrong with learning a little from a funny-book people! May Gerber rest in peace. God I miss that man.

4) Why was Captain Marvel brought back? That was cheap shot... Yeah the explanation was kind of cool... Kind of... But there already was a Captain Marvel: Genis-Vell! A true legacy character, Genis was being well established in the MU with David's wonderful series from a few years back and then... Nothing... Now he calls himself "Photon"... Or maybe he's dead. Then they brought back Mar-Vell or something. Who cares anymore right?

5) Continuity: it's like the pet rock. The Marvel Universe is the reason that DC has a Universe, or at least the Universe it has now. That wonderful, flowing organic thing called the Marvel Universe is now a mess of contradictions. I put the blame squarely on the heads of the editors here.

6) Why all the "events?" Couldn't the regular titles encompass events as well! I mean "The Coming of Galactus" was part of the regular Marvel line back then! Why does it seem like marketers run comic books these days?

7) Science in comics is generally ignored and not just at Marvel... Some writers try to bring forth scientific validity but it's rare... OK! It's a comic book but even comic books can teach you something while you have fun reading them! The lack of explanation for the Sentry's existence is my example here. The fact that he "vibrates" on a different "wavelength" a few micro-seconds ahead of the Universe at large is very interesting, yet its never been adequately explained.

OK, I'm about tired of this... Questions? Comments? Venting? Fire away!

But before I got, a few good things...

1) Marvel still has a sense of humor. When I do pick up a Marvel book I often find myself laughing, and not at the writing either! For instance that moment early on in the New Avengers when the team found itself naked in the Savage Land. Spidey makes like a comedian: funny stuff.

2) Ms. Marvel is finally coming into her own! Marvel has needed a strong woman character for a long time and it looks like she's the one. Yes she is sort of riding on Mar-Vell's coat-tails but not really... Because he's actually dead.

3) Minorities in Marvel comics. Yes let's be part of the real world now. Good to see Cage coming into his own as well... Although... Man... Make him Power Man again! I loved that comic book from the 70's where he drove home the point to Erik Josten that he... is... POWER MAN! Up his strength too! That's his thing.

4) In a new issue of the X-Men the writer, Morrison I think, quotes Son House lyrics. Just one of the reasons why Morrison's one of the best. Now if they would only get Gaiman to write an ongoing...

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