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Posted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 at 02:46:00 pm EDT
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> I don't think most of your complaints are really valid. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean that it's wrong.
> Overall I think Quesada and Marvel have done a great job. Sure, some of the things I don't like (BND, the X-Men), but some of the things they have done are just so much better than any ideas I could come up with (New Avengers, Iron Fist, Hercules) that I can put away my personal feelings and see what a great job Marvel is doing.

Just to pick one part from this post, but X-Men? The X-books have overall been very interesting, with only two outright bad titles (Young X-Men, Ultimate X-Men) and the meidocre ones (X-Force, Cable, Origins) at least have a chance at being good. Legacy and Uncanny are awesome, especially since Uncanny is essentially in a filler arc.

> 1) More focus on Minority Characters. There is a severe lack of both original and good minority characters at Marvel right now. At the very least, there should at least be one original female character (50% of the American population), one black character (~15%), and one hispanic (~15%) character all starring the their own ongoings. Note that She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel are derivitives of male characters, and that the Black Panther isn't "black" but African. The assumingly unintentional racism at Marvel has gotten to the point that a black character automatically has to have an interracial relationship in order to become interesting. Seriously, there isn't a popular black character out there that hasn't had an interracial relationship (no clue about the Falcon, but then again I can't name any of his girlfriends). DC use to have a black character on every team (John Stewart, Cyborg, Mr. Terrific, etc), all great characters, and that is something that Marvel should strive for. And when you look at Marvel, black characters are constantly getting killed (Black Goliath, Maggot, Skin, Synch, Night Thrasher, Tag, etc).

I don't think Marvel, or any media company, should have to live up to the standards of demographics. If there's a story that can be told by a minority character, great, but they shouldn't shoehorn in minority characters just to have proper representation. And while She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel may be derived from prominent male characters, they can hold their own books without their namesakes being in them.

> 2) Titles with No Purpose. There are a number of titles out there that just don't have a purpose, or a bad purpose, or just an badly defined one. X-Factor, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, etc are examples of those. Other titles like Iron Man:Director of Shield, Wolverine Origins, or Punisher WJ are just titles that aren't necessary. Every title that comes out should have a purpose, and not just be put out to tell stories of a certain character. Each title should be unique, so that you can't just tell interchange a character in a story depending on what title it is.

I think X-Facor has been on the upswing for quite a while, and I'm not a big PAD fan. Ms. Marvel is written by Reed, one of Marvel's many new talents, and She-Hulk...well, at least it has the potential of being good. Heavily disagree about Iron Man and War Journal aren't necessary, since they both tell very vital tales in the Marvel Universe. Origins just needs a writer who isn't horrible.
> 3) Not Making the Most of the Movies. There should be one Iron Man title right now, and that title should be the best it can be. It needs to tell a story that appeals to the average person. Same with the Hulk. There should only be one Hulk title out right now and he should be green and be Bruce Banner.

I agree that they dropped the ball on Hulk promotion, but it's pretty much a fact that the movies bring few people into comic shops, and even fewer that stay. The best move is to put out hardcovers and trade paperbacks, which I'm sure they did.

> 4) The Destruction of the Ultimate Line. I liked the Ultimate line when it came out, but it needs to be put down now before it gets any worse. I remember when it started Bendis said that as soon as Spider-Man was going into space, the line needs to end. Well he went to another dimension, which is basically the same thing, so it needs to end. Of course, there were lots of good things about the titles, but we can just transfer those good ideas over to the regular line.

See my other post, but essentially I think it needs a regime change, not a universal destruction. Also, when did Ultimate Spidey go to an alternate dimension? Squadron Supreme?
> 5) Lack of New and Original Characters. Similar to no. 1, there should be at least one title out right now starring a new character that is original. Invincible at Image is a great example of a new original character that works. So it can be done. Put a solid creative team on the title, and guarantee at least 18 issues for the fans. It would be even better if these new characters could fill a particular niche that Marvel is missing right now, like a detective.

There are two problems with this one:

1. There are tons of characters in the MU that are horribly underused and could use a good writer. I'd much rather get a revitalized Tombstone, Black Tarantula, or Hammerhead than yet another crime lord.

2. Modern creations, even though they technically belong to the company, are something other writers are heistant to use, as Bendis has pointed out. He's even a bit guilty of it too, having asked permission to use The Hood (Vaughn) and Sentry (Jenkins).
> 6) Improve the B-list Characters. Iron Fist was a book that has been great so far, but a new creative team is going to kill it. Same with Moon Knight. These B-list characters must have a solid creative team for a set period of time (at least 18 issues) so that they can prove themselves to the readers. Alot of B-list titles aren't even that good, like She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, New Warriors, Exiles, etc. Marvel needs to re-evaluate those titles, and reboot them with new teams if they have to. Other B-list characters deserve more spotlight, perhaps in a miniseries, like Namor, WonderMan, Black Widow, Luke Cage, Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, etc. For instance, the new Ant-Man seems to have a strong fan base, so give him a 4 issue miniseries and see what happens.

The new Ant-Man DID have a solo title that lasted for twelve issues. The sales were pretty horrible. I think it even dipped below Spider-Girl.

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