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Subj: Two completely different audiences
Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 at 07:31:49 pm EDT (Viewed 67 times)
Reply Subj: Will the Marvel Age of Movies EVER inspire higher comic sales?
Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 at 01:42:56 am EDT (Viewed 84 times)

> Marvel movies are raking in the bucks, yet the comics that spawned these silver screen superheroes don't seem to be making much of a comeback.

I imagine the movies provide a boost to circulation, so to speak, but seeing a movie and buying a comic are two different things.

1) Movies are things that families can do together, and superhero genre films fit the family theme.

2) Movies aren't cheap by any means, but comics are an even harder sell. At 3 bucks a pop, they ain't the 35 cent gems they used to be.

1-2) Families won't pass a comic around to one another as a night's entertainment. The average non-reader is probably turned off by the 3 dollar price tag per book.

3) There are few, if any, comics a person can pick up and become immediately hooked. Long winded storytelling may keep the current fans coming back for the next installment, but if I just saw the movie and wanted to give the heroe's comic a try, i'd be completely lost and likely not buy another issue.

4) In a way, headier, more realistic and mature storytelling HURT comics. People aren't expecting a lot of what gets thrown at them in terms of dialogue and plot (This point is aimed at the superhero books, specifically those featured in movies, not so much at the books MEANT to be these things, like say Watchmen, Vertigo type books, etc).

4.5) The action in SOME books is also either sparse or sporadic and unclear to follow these days.

4@) Most people wanting to read literature will likely turn to a novel or if the comic medium appeals to them, to a graphic novel. I hate to say it, but most comics these days cater to the creators, not the potential new fans. The classic craft of making comics is no longer followed. "Progress" in making today's comics is really forgetting the things that brought fans in the first place. What some current fans seem to love, or at least buy, is actually killing off the medium.
- think of it like this, if you rented Spider-Man 3 during the time of One More Day, liked the movie and decided to give the comic a try (having never read one before, miconceptions and all), and saw Mephisto and the loss of the marriage - you'd probably be more WTF than WOW. Today's current Spidey status quo is probably closer to the comic making elements that the new or casual fan is expecting (though I havent read it, that's just my opinion). But most Marvel books dont adhere to that formula.

5) While I contend that the movies shouldn't and CAN'T follow the comic storylines faithfully (impossible to cram 50 years of history into one 2 hour movie and recapture the magic), movies and comics are vastly different. Seeing a movie and enjoying the classic elements of Spidey may entertain and amuse in a movie, but the moviegoing experience provides a solution and a resolution to those issues. Example; Spidey needs to get the pills to Aunt May or she'll die, but then he is held up by Venom in a fight. A race against time ensues. He barely makes it to her bedside in time. That only works ONCE in a movie. Comics can repeat this formula and do it in different ways infinitum.

5.5) Were Marvel to try to reverse engines and make the comics more like the movies instead, they kill off the core audience that buys their comics today, in an attempt to gain new fans. They also sacrifice continuity, which is a huge part of what keeps fans interested. They also scrap the blueprints they established for their characters over the years and instead use a Hollywood writer's interpretation. It's a no-win.

Those are a few of my thoughts. The 2 formats compliment each other, but only so far. The only way to save comic's future is to make better comics today.

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