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Subj: In a title like MCP, the quality of the story is more important than the character (IMO)
Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 at 02:30:29 pm EDT
Reply Subj: marvel comics presents
Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 at 03:30:42 pm EDT (Viewed 90 times)

> How many of you think that MCP would get more attention if it consistently dedicated one of it's four stories to a villain (solo/team/team-up)?

First, in answer to your question, heck yes. I thought some of the titles where the lead characters were villains (e.g. Mystique, Magneto, Sabretooth, etc) were some good titles. I think it was an issue of Marvel Fanfare that had a story where the two primary characters were the Blob and Unus the Untouchable, and I thought it was a good one-shot story.

(Please excuse the DC reference for a moment) One of my favorite recent storyarcs in any title in recent years was the "Honor Among Thieves" story in JSA Classified, where it showed a caper beginning-to-end, told from the villains' point of view.

But regardless of the characters in the stories, in order for MCP to work, you have to have creators dedicated to each story. If somebody produces a "just filling in the time" offering for publication, you're doing a disservice to the reader. And no matter how good a couple of the other stories may be, you'll lose the reader.

I know some people liked them, but the 8-pg vignets at the back of Avengers Classic were (in my opinion) awful. I didn't feel that they added enough to the entire comic to justify the expense of what was essentially a rebooted issue of Marvel Triple-Action. I also think this is kinda why Avengers Spotlight/Solo Avengers didn't work.

Even if they only published one story per issue, you'd need it to be a story that clearly reflected some tale that the writer and artist were committed to telling, no matter how long or short. If the creators don't have (for lack of a better word) passion for the stories or characters, I think that comes thru no matter how talented the creator.

For example, I know that I'm not alone when I say that I think Simonson's run on Thor back in the day was great. He clearly had a passion for Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Surtur, and the tapestry of the epic he was weaving. However, this same Simonson's work on the Fantastic Four (I feel) was somewhat uninspired. I didn't feel the same passion.

There were some real stinkers in the old Marvel Team-up days, but the enduring popularity of Spider-Man as the main headliner kept the series going for 150-ish issues. The Thing had lesser popularity, so the analogous Marvel Two-in-One series didn't last as long. I think better storytelling may have added some longevity for that title.

I don't think the ever-changing roster of characters that you'd have in a comic like MCP would be a problem as long as the stories were good. But to make it work, you'd need a couple other things.

1) a pipeline of stories that are ready to go, and ideally they'd be scheduled to work around any heavy workloads for the creative team.

2) no filler-for-the-sake-of-publishing-something-this-month stories. I'd rather see the title not come out this month than I would a crapola story printed just to use up some whitespace.

3) and, please, if you're going with multiple stories in a single issue, don't overlap the multi-issue arcs.
For example, if storyA ends its 3-issue arc in issue #3, make sure storyB and storyC's arcs (whether one-shots or not) end in that issue as well.
I realize that having overlapping arcs is one way to induce continued readership, but I contend that it's also a good way to annoy the reader.

There's gotta be a bunch of stories out there that creators are itching to tell that don't fit in with a particular title or won't get the thumbs-up for a miniseries. I'd think MCP would be the perfect place to tell those stories.

my 2.5 cents.


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