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Reply Subj: Re: Yellow Claw question; was he behind the attack on the Statue of Liberty or the robot?
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> According to the Yellow Claw's Handbook entry,
> "In more recent years the Yellow Claw sent troops whom he had reduced to slaves with no wills of their own to invade the Statue of Liberty secretly. There the troops were to activate an "id paralyzer" device that was to sap the wills of the people of the United States, thereby enabling the Yellow Claw to take over the country. This scheme was thwarted, however, by Colonel Nicholas Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America, who used a special weapon designed by Reed Richards. The Yellow Claw, himself did not come to the Statue of Liberty, but instead directed his troops through psionic means from afar."
> The Handbook lists the Yellow Claw's "telepathic voice" as appearing in Strange Strange Tales I#160. The wording above suggests it was in fact the true Yellow Claw who directed the Statue of Liberty invasion. The Fantastic Four Index#3's entries for FF Annual#3, when referencing the appearance of Captain America, Nick Fury, the Thing, and Mister Fantastic in the fb story in Strange Tales I#160-161 simply describe the incident as the "Yellow Claw's New York invasion" as does the comments section. In the Avengers Index#1 (1987), in the entry for Avengers I#18, under comments, the incident is again described as the "Yellow Claw's New York invasion" and refers to the "Yellow Claw's minions".
> Strange Tales I#160 was published in 1967. The story proper commenced with a flashback to the 1965 New York Blackout (an actual historical event, obviously a topical reference; ... t_of_1965; Olshevsky in Avengers Index#1 entry for Avengers I#18 dismisses the reference to November in this story as topical and states the Statue of Liberty incident took place in June, shortly after Reed and Sue married in Avengers Annual#3, a construal that Marvel Saga#23 elaborates upon by saying that it took place just after Reed and Sue got married and Sue moved her things out of Glenville), as Fury, teamed with Captain America to investigate reports of costumed invaders on Bedloe's Island in the Statue of Liberty. This flashback story continues into #161. In the present of 1967, Fury related, "We never located the source of the invasion... or who was behind it!".
> In the present day portion of the story, a figure resembling the Yellow Claw is seen observing Nick Fury, Captain America, and Jimmy Woo from a scrying crystal. This figure was revealed to be a Doctor Doom built double of the Yellow Claw, and is the Yellow Claw robot whose chronology entry appears below. However, as I have noted above, the Statue of Liberty incident took place "two years" earlier and the Handbook and Indexes credit the true Yellow Claw with masterminding it.
> So in sum, the true Yellow Claw was bts to the fb to the "1965" Statue of Liberty incident shown in Strange Tales I#160-161, while the "Yellow Claw" seen observing Captain America, Fury, and Woo in the present of "1967" in #161 was the Doom-built Robot.

I've never really understood that one, since a foonote during the "true" Yellow Claw's appearance in Captain America v.1 167 attributes ALL the Strange Tales stories to the robot, and the Claw himself in that comic and the three issues prior o it makes many comments indicating that the events in CA are his first activities in many, many years.

It also seems pretty clear in the Steranko stories that the robot is responsible for all of it. For one thing, the robot appears at the end of Strange Tales #161 claiming responsibility for the Bedloe Island scheme and discussing the later effort to steal the Ultimate Annihilator from AIM under its codename, "The Second Doom."

Did Olshevsky and/or the Handbook folks ever give any explanation for their take on the continuity involved? It can't be that the Claw uses telepathy in the earlier stories, since Doom's Claw robot was likewise shown as possessing psi abilities.

Alternately, since the Prime Mover was said to be a reality-altering device in the FF: 1234 miniseries and demonstrated previously unseen memory-alteration and mind-control effects, perhaps it had something to do with the disparity.

> Sidebar question: Was Tales of Suspense #78, published in 1966, supposed to represent the reunion of Fury and Cap in the modern era?

Yes, and more specifically, it was the culmination of a subplot running in Avengers v.1 #17-22 regarding Cap's efforts to renew contacts with Fury. (The biggest impact of the plotline in the team book was in providing a convoluted means for the Swordsman to lure in Cap during his first appearace; a letter Cap sent to Fury was intercepted and sicarded by HYDRA, and from there made it into the Swordsman's hands.)

From Steve Chung's review of the story:
Jimmy listens as the Colonel tells his story about
what happened at the ESP Division back in 1965.

The trio of telepaths had received a psychic transmission from the
thought communicator beam device. The SHIELD director saw that an image
had begun to form on the vue-plate overhead, and in that moment, a sense
of impending doom was felt in the room. SHX-39 had little time to
transmit to SHIELD HQ about the incredible threat from the Himalayas in
Tibet. This was too big for one lone agent to handle. The entire
country is in danger unless he is stopped. The location is Bedloe Island
and the one behind it is Yel -- RAKKOOM!

Since the threat was perceived by the Esper division as coming from the Himalayas, I am guessing that the researchers decided that the true Yellow Claw was involved, as Doom would not want to risk tipping his hand by pulling something from the actual Claw's general base of operations.

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