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Subj: Less is more
Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 at 01:02:09 pm EDT (Viewed 55 times)
Reply Subj: Re: DnA Needs to get another ongoing popping....
Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 at 11:50:01 am EDT (Viewed 64 times)

> > I want Silver Surfer to be placed in their brilliant hands!
> Won't work right now. He's still Galactus's herald. There's no good way to give him solo adventures, unless you want to watch him bring Galactus to dinner.

Agreed. Our boy Norrin is basically an extension of Galactus for the foreseeable future. The same is pretty much true of Stardust as well.

And I don't know if Firelord or Terrax have the gravitas to carry anything other than guest shots. Sure, they're legitimately some of the most powerful beings in the universe, but are they really interesting enough to even carry their own miniseries? Maybe with the right creative team.

> Super-Skrull. That's the book I want.

Agreed. He was given great depth during his mini as well as the Annihilation events. I think he has the traction to pull off an ongoing.

However, I've never been a fan of overburdening the best creative talent. DnA have some great stuff going on with two different titles. If the choice is
a) two great titles
b) three good titles
I'll take option "a" every time. I don't know the limits of DnA's creativity, but I'd prefer quality to quantity.

Galactic-scale stories are hard to write consistently well, as shown by the continual need to reboot the Silver Surfer title. Surfer as well as other characters like Warlock and Captain Marvel always have great popularity, but their series have historically failed mostly due to poor storytelling.

When the scope of the characters is that "big", you need to have commensurately grand scale for their tales. And not every writer or team can write to that scale with consistent quality. I used to think that the list started and ended with Jim Starlin, but DnA have shown that they have some game.

I'm not a storyteller, but I suspect that the creative well required for this scale runs dry more quickly than "merely" local or global scale stories. If a great story idea that was originally slated for Nova gets used up because you had to create something for a Surfer or Super-Skrull title, that likely puts you one story closer to something mediocre for Nova.

Quality > Quantity