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Subj: Agreed
Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 at 01:43:16 pm EDT (Viewed 65 times)
Reply Subj: Less is more
Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 at 01:02:09 pm EDT (Viewed 56 times)

> > > I want Silver Surfer to be placed in their brilliant hands!
> >
> > Won't work right now. He's still Galactus's herald. There's no good way to give him solo adventures, unless you want to watch him bring Galactus to dinner.
> Agreed. Our boy Norrin is basically an extension of Galactus for the foreseeable future. The same is pretty much true of Stardust as well.

It's probably best for Marvel to give the character a rest for a little while. Then they can bring him back in one of their big events.

> And I don't know if Firelord or Terrax have the gravitas to carry anything other than guest shots. Sure, they're legitimately some of the most powerful beings in the universe, but are they really interesting enough to even carry their own miniseries? Maybe with the right creative team.

I think Firelord can. His characterization in Annihilation was great, and made me really want to see more of the character. But a miniseries at most.

> > Super-Skrull. That's the book I want.
> Agreed. He was given great depth during his mini as well as the Annihilation events. I think he has the traction to pull off an ongoing.

There are a lot of great cosmic characters that have the ability to sell a miniseries. But there are only a select few that could do an ongoing, and I don't think Super Skrull is one of them.

> However, I've never been a fan of overburdening the best creative talent. DnA have some great stuff going on with two different titles. If the choice is
> a) two great titles
> b) three good titles
> I'll take option "a" every time. I don't know the limits of DnA's creativity, but I'd prefer quality to quantity.

Agreed. Nova and GotG aren't exactly high sellers, and any third cosmic series will effect their sales. I think it is best to just wait on a third cosmic title. Perhaps it would be good to spin out a third series after the next event?

> Galactic-scale stories are hard to write consistently well, as shown by the continual need to reboot the Silver Surfer title. Surfer as well as other characters like Warlock and Captain Marvel always have great popularity, but their series have historically failed mostly due to poor storytelling.

I think one of the reasons they have failed is because there were too many cosmic series out at the times. Back when Silver Surfer was the only cosmic title, the series was successful. But as time moved on, more and more cosmic series came out at the same time. Look at the 90s, when they have Infinity Watch, Silver Surfer, Nova, Quasar, etc.

The key is to have slow and positive growth of a genre. Growing too fast will hurt you in the long run.
urfer or Super-Skrull title, that likely puts you one story closer to something mediocre for Nova.
> Quality > Quantity

I think another problem with a third cosmic series is that it would be hard to get a unique take on a series. There is already a powerful solo hero title (Nova), and there is already a cosmic team title (GotG). Other popular takes could be a teen cosmic hero \(\?\) , or female cosmic hero \(\?\) , both of which I don't think there is a clear candidate for. If you do another powerful solo hero title, like Silver Surfer, you would dilute the Nova title and take sales away from him. The same thing if you do another cosmic team title.

But if DnA want to do another Marvel title, I think that's fine. There are a few titles that I can think of that could use better writers, or simply don't have a solid creative team.

Another option would be to give them the occasional cosmic miniseries, which might be a good thing to do. It would allow them to tie up alot of loose ends, and give the current conditions of various cosmic characters.

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