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Subj: Re: BH6 bandwagon...
Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 at 01:34:39 pm EDT (Viewed 36 times)
Reply Subj: Ohotmu is joining the BH6 bandwagon, but...
Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 at 01:30:38 pm EDT (Viewed 41 times)

> >
> ...it looks like you're a couple issues into most of these series. Which one stands out to you?

Not sure why the solicit site had the different #'s. Havent seen any of these #1's yet. But yeah, this thread has me deciding to jump on the bandwagon too. Like how MI13 is all international (BK will receive my wish. He will.) And missed the last showing of Japan's six-pack, so, BIG HERO 6 it will be.
> And as you consider the answer to that question, try to be objective. For example, if you love Venom (the character) but the writing is cr@ppy in the book, recognize it for what it is and treat it accordingly.

Venom has more potential than he is utilizing as a hero. He eats people so can never go down the good path, or cafeteria line, with my blessing as a true hero. The last Brock 2parter was a good read/development too. This solicit seems to suggest leaning to less rewarded badassery. If it is...
> A miniseries is supposed to be an "event". It should be a tightly packed, impression-making tale woven into a quick espresso jolt of storytelling. Need recent examples? Just re-read the first issues of any of the Annihilation-related miniseries. Those are great examples of how mini's are supposed to set the table and leave you looking forward to the next issue. IMO, each of those series did a great job as a stand-alone series as well as a preamble to the larger tapestry of the entirety of the Annihilation event.
> If your desire to have a complete series is greater than the enjoyment you're getting out of the book, dump it. And I speak from experience. The OCD-Completist in me has led me to purchase literally 100's of comics over the years that were utter cr@p because I just couldn't bear to have an incomplete set.
> For example, that most recent Alpha Flight mini was utter dreck. After the first couple issues, I held exactly ZERO hope that it was going to pull out of its stink dive by the end. But I still bought the last 3 issues because I "had" to complete the set. And I gave that complete set away at the first opportunity.

Me too. Was disappointed with the finished arc. Still stuck it out with national pride and hope.
> So, I'd suggest, if an issue #1 of any of these series tempted you to write a review on these boards saying "this first issue was suh-WEET, and here's why...", then that's the series you buy.

The Power Pack cover is suh-WEET but not tempting in itself. They look like l'il Lobo Wannabes. \:\) If not continuity (as TBG reported below) or forced humor then that'd be a quick turn off. Also it is sooo scary to read to find out how old Franklin appears as.
> If the miniseries "espresso" was underwhelming with issue #1, they're probably going to continue to be underwhelming for the rest of the way.
> Ohotmu
> P.S. If the "dropped" series are any good, they'll be available at a later date as a TPB.

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