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Subj: Re: New Avengers #43
Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 at 10:53:22 am EDT (Viewed 61 times)
Reply Subj: New Avengers #43
Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 at 09:20:49 am EDT

> I have been enjoying these NEW AVENGERS Secret Invasion issues much better than the MIGHTY ones, and this issue was no certainly no exception. Taking us back to the Savage Land, Bendis unveils the secrets of the Skrull Cap, including the events that happened on the Skrull ship as it made its way to Earth and the Savage Land. This event is important to me because of Mockingbird. If she is real, and I am so hoping she is even though it looks like she isn't, then we see poor Bobbi wake up in chains amidst a crop of Skrull sleeper agents posing as fellow heroes. We see her hang on for dear life as the Skrull ship prepares to crash-land in the Savage Land. I gotta say, I hope Mockingbird turns out to be real. I want her back, big time, and this is the way to do it that will be acceptable for me. I want a one-shot issue featuring Bobbi dealing with the following: when she was captured, what she went through as a captive, etc. If not her own one-shot, then perhaps a story in NEW AVENGERS #47, the final SI issue?

Agreed. I am also enjoying the tie-ins and really hope that the Mockingbird on the ship is real. If for nothing else if its her it'll create an awkward sort of tension between Clint, Maya and Bobbi.

Personally (this is probably just my optimism here) I feel that this issue is meant to place even more doubt in our minds that Bobbi is real so that it will be more of a surprise when its revealed that she's alive.

> I liked how the book ended, with gunshots being heard nearby -- the Black Widow's gunshots as she shot up the Phoenix-Skrull and Beast-Skrull in SECRET INVASION #4. Nice continuity.

Yes it was.

> I'm not sure what to think about the Illuminati-centered story scheduled for the next issue; I personally can't wait to get #45 and the House of M/Veranke story.

I'm looking forward to the Illuminati issue but I think it should come after the House of M issue. That is unless something that the Illuminati does in this issue ends up affecting something in House of M.

> Anyway, this issue, along with #40-42, was the best issue of NA in a long while, I have to say. I like these back stories and how Bendis is piecing everything he's done together.

We'll if been loving NA from the start, but as companion books to Secret Invasion they've been stellar.