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Subj: Re: I'm not reading a comic about me!
Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 at 08:32:51 pm EDT (Viewed 83 times)
Reply Subj: I'm not reading a comic about me!
Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 at 10:57:22 am EDT

> Just give the Sentry a break, or if you're not prepared to then don't complain about him. End of.

Uh, why? Because it bothers you?

For the record, i really think the Sentry would be better off in his own little continuity corner; trying to weave him into the backstory of the Marvel Universe just doesn't work all that well for all sorts of reasons. More to the point, having him around in the "present" tends to make dolts of all the heroes who have no apparent problem with a nigh-unstoppable ticking time bomb running around exposing himself to the exact sorts of things that have fueled his mental instability in the past.

He also tends to reduce the dynamic of any story he's in to one of two conflicts -- "Will the Sentry go nuts?" and "Will the Sentry act and immediately end the problem?" The first can't happen all that often or the gimmick will grow stale, and at any rate, the major consequences for the rest of the MU are simply unlikely to occur or stick; the second makes every other character in the story superfluous when he does act (witness Doctor Doom being dropped in a few panels of Mighty Avengers), and the Sentry superfluous when he doesn't. In shared-continuity stories, he's a reductive presence.

In his own little universe, however, much more could be done with him, and bigger payoffs to the central conflicts animating the character would have room and time to play out. As it is, he's in what may the very worst narrative position he could hold.

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