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Subj: Yes, only a month left to finish your summer reading
Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 at 09:06:53 pm EDT (Viewed 71 times)
Reply Subj: July. Is it already almost over? various mild spoilers, including Cap Amer 40 and Mighty Avengers
Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 at 12:17:50 pm EDT (Viewed 94 times)

> Liking: Guardians of the Galaxy. Nova. Captain America

Agreed, except I've put off the last couple issues of Cap. I'll catch up eventually.
> Hating: Events of all varities.

Passed the land of hate right into the realm of disinterest.
> Movies: Hellboy Golden Army and Batman the Dark Knight

Seen neither. No Iron Man or Hulk either. I need to get out more.
> Hype: Comicon

I read a summary today.
> Still on the shelf awaiting me to read them: Iron Fist, 1985

Iron Fist is on my shelf as well, along with the last two Walking Dead trades. 1985 was alright, I'll finish this mini. Still, for $3.99 I expect more than roughly 75 panels of story...

> GoG and Nova are simply great reads. All I can do is recommend them to whoever enjoys reading great comic stories. The storylines aren't long winded either, a huge plus for me.

Agreed. From what I read today it looks as if these titles will be part of the War of Kings crossover. Not too crazy about that but I think the writers of the crossover are the writers of both titles, so it will be consistent(hopefully).
> Flipping through different Secret Invasion titles pretty much makes me happy that I dropped those particular books. After 4 issues, if you were to try to take this story and figure out the real-time aspect of it (from SI number one that is), it'd probably be all of 15 minutes. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. The Avengers books are getting a lot of praise for filling in the blanks. Personally, i'm not shocked that a lot of those blanks are creating more blanks. Mighty Avengers picked up on themes that were probably better dealt with in the book they originated in, that being New Avengers...Electro and Elektra and the Raft incident and such...but even then, the characters featured are barely even Avengers anyway. These backstories are probably better told in an offshoot book, or companion mini or something. But, I guess they gotta tell the story somewhere, and I dont want to bust on Bendis for trying to flesh out the story and be more complete. There of course is also the issue of trying to put something in the Avengers books that doesn't contradict or spoil the whole SI event as well. So as I always say at a funeral with a slight shrug - "What are you gonna do?" Overall, I really feel that for an "event," very little has happened in Secret Invasion that we dont know, couldn't have already predicted or even can be surprised by. I'll read the spoilers and await the conclusion happily with my money in my wallet.

I agree. I never had any interest from the start but from a distance I've been shaking my head over how many tie-ins simply have been about what was going on in the past. When will it finally move forward? I don't really care.
> Final Crisis is also a mess, by the way, and I dropped that. I guess I shouldnt call it a mess. I just dont freakin' get it, or have the necessary patience to appreciate it. Either way, i'm done with it.

Justice Society is my only DC title right now and even that is pushing the limits of my patience with the never-ending Magog/Gog/back to Magog storyline. It feels like a lot of titles are dragging out their storylines until Final Crisis is over.
> I havent seen Hellboy or Dark Knight, but I will see DK tonight. The whole Heath ledger Oscar nom fanfare is a double edged sword. DK has further made superhero movies a viable and worthwhile Hollywood vehicle. They can be taken more seriously now. Unfortunately for those wanting Heath to get the Oscar, all the outcry has done is convice the board to nominate him posthumously, but not vote him the win. Had people kept their mouths shut, Heath'd probably have won the Oscar, but now, the Academy will likely forgo letting him win it posthumously for fear that they'll be viewed as catering to public demand and not true evaluators of the art. The movie's success though, helps Marvel. Big numbers for (what I have heard is) a well done superhero movie raises the bar for creators but also makes the genre easier to accept and appreciate by the masses. It also creates demand. Kudos to Warner Bros for getting it right 2 Batmans in a row, now.

I'm hoping to see this one while it's still in theatres. I agree that it's excellent performance is good for Marvel as well as DC.
> I'm looking forward to the Watchmen and Wolverine movies next year. Stan Lee gets a cameo in Wolverine even though he didn't help create the character. Personally, I think Frank Miller and Chris Claremont should get cameo nods, as they were the ones who made his character great in the first place. Nothing in the last 10 years has been unique or creative in the Wolverine ongoing storyline. Believe it, bub.

I'm looking forward to Watchmen, not Wolverine. Claremont should get a cameo in Wolvy...and then his character should be immediately killed for being one of the reasons the character devolved into an old, tired cliche. I think Jackman does a good job with the character though.
> I'm dreading reading Iron Fist. I flipped through a few pages and wasn't impressed by the art, though I wasnt turned off by it either. I'm just wondering what this new creative team is going to do. Hopefully, i'll like it. IF has been one of my favorite titles over the last year.

Still haven't read it yet.
> 1985 number 3 also waits. I enjoyed the first couple issues. Starting to worry that the thing that made this series feel original is giving way to the usual "what if?" story vibe. I guess we'll have to see. Fingers crossed I continue to enjoy it.

I liked issue #3 but there wasn't much content for the price. The villains up the ante here...and here they come across as villains. Poor innocent townsfolk...
> Thats about it for me. I am enjoying the leaner reading list and the extra cash it has created for me.

I'd describe 2008 so far as a lean year for me. Over the last few years my monthly purchases have declined quite a bit.

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