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Subj: Re: San Diego stuff: What do you look forward too.
Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2008 at 10:14:18 pm EDT (Viewed 54 times)
Reply Subj: Re: San Diego stuff: What do you look forward too.
Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 at 08:38:54 pm EDT (Viewed 52 times)

> > With all the announcements in San Diego, there are a few titles that I will be picking up however it means that I will have to cancel a few.
> >

> > - The War of the Kings --- that will be an awesome cosmic saga. I have been keeping up with Vulcan and the Inhumans since House of M. PLus I get Nova and GofG. Going to be specatular.
> Yeah, I'm looking forward to this despite the fact that I think Vulcan turned out to be a dud of a character. Here's hoping BB delivers Master blow after Master blow to the lamest of the Summers brothers. Are Nova and GOTG involved as well? I'm wary of my favorite titles always being dragged into crossovers but I'll be there for this one.

Fortunately after 3 months of cold turkey I'm able to resist things cosmic, but I'll be following this. Of course it means Black Bolt isn't dead.. kinda dry humps any concern there in the current SI stories. Vulcan is like a GOD.. but Masterblowing his skull in sounds good. Inhumans VS Shi'ar.. fun stuff. Blackbolt VS Gladiator (if Vulcan didn't kill him) would be a better and more realistic monster battle in there.

> > - Adam: The Return of the Blue Marvel ---- piqued my curiousity of a Black Super-Hero in during the Civil Rights Mvt. Definitely getting it.
> Sounds interesting but I'll be skipping it.

Why not use an existing hero? They didn't kill ALL of them in Civil War \:\)

> > - X-Men: World's Apart --- focus on Storm. I read the Black Panther and I love the marriage between the two. I hope Storm doesn't have to choose between T'Challa or the X-Men. Why not both! Intersting personal conflicted story. I'm very picky as to what X-titles to get.
> There's always a third option: embrace death Ororo. This would be the only way I'd pick up any mini featuring Storm.

Me like option 3. Storm's as overexposed as Wolverine. Have Forge come back into her life.. or Doom. Doom liked her (or was that retconned to a Doombot? If Doom really REALLY loves her he can flay her alive and wear her skin as an armor to make his new 'masters' happy)

> > This means I will be leaving a few Marvel titles starting next week but some of them I will just pick in HC format.
> >
> > - Thor --- as a monthly too slow but in a one volume format, an awesome read.

Yeah, might pick up trades on this if my other wells run dry (Loving Invincible but I'm almost caught up.. Dynamo 5 has a long wait for the next trade...)

> > - Hulk --- the delays and story flow does not warrant a monthly format, better as a collected edition.

> I'll stick with Red Hulk for a while longer. I read that Loeb promises that the Red Hulk is in it for the long haul. I don't know how much mileage they can get out of this character once his identity is finally revealed.

It's probably Samson and he really should be Plaid Hulk, because that's the Spaceballs level of power he has. Those issues remind me of a Gatorade on a hot day.. it's gone before you realize you've got it. They're so scarce on content it's amazing.. and give credit to Loeb for figuring out how to get a monthly writer's salary for writing 1/2 installments and not having to do any research or make any sense at all with his story \:\)

> > - X-Men: Legacy --- I find this also reads better as a collected edition.
> Still sticking with this. Carey is an excellent writer and I'm enjoying the focus on Chuck.

So I take it the bullet to the brain didn't kill Chuck?

> > But I will still be sticking with BND Amazing Spider-Man!!!!!! I love the story flow and characters.
> I'm glad you are enjoying it but I've totally lost interest in the character and title.

I lost interest when JMS took the book, tried BND.. and the realization of what a waste it was contributed to my banishing monthlies. I still say that's the most bone headed move in comics in decades.

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