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Subj: Re: San Diego stuff: What do you look forward too.
Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 at 07:01:42 am EDT (Viewed 51 times)
Reply Subj: San Diego stuff: What do you look forward too.
Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 at 12:37:49 pm EDT

> - The War of the Kings --- that will be an awesome cosmic saga. I have been keeping up with Vulcan and the Inhumans since House of M. PLus I get Nova and GofG. Going to be specatular.

I agree. I stopped buying Brubaker books out of boredom so I lost track of Vulcan, but DnA writing the Shi'Ar versus the Inhumans is impossible for me to pass up.

> - Adam: The Return of the Blue Marvel ---- piqued my curiousity of a Black Super-Hero in during the Civil Rights Mvt. Definitely getting it.

Cracks me up how Marvel loves to have books with the name "Marvel" in them. \:\)

I may get this. At present I know nothing about it except what you wrote above. But I tend to at least sample books about black super-heroes. So far my favorite of them all is DC's Black Lightning.

> - X-Men: World's Apart --- focus on Storm. I read the Black Panther and I love the marriage between the two. I hope Storm doesn't have to choose between T'Challa or the X-Men. Why not both! Intersting personal conflicted story. I'm very picky as to what X-titles to get.

Storm appears in Astonishing X-Men and that's enough Storm for me, plus she never looked better as the art on that book has been tremendous.

> This means I will be leaving a few Marvel titles starting next week but some of them I will just pick in HC format.
> - Thor --- as a monthly too slow but in a one volume format, an awesome read.

I think the pace is going to finally pick up. I waited for issue nine before I started buying it as I suspected the first six or seven issues would be too slow for me. I bought those issues in a hardcover and enjoyed them. As you say, the one volume format was an awesome read.

> - Hulk --- the delays and story flow does not warrant a monthly format, better as a collected edition.

Worst comic in the universe except Ultimates 3. Sense a pattern? \:\)

> - X-Men: Legacy --- I find this also reads better as a collected edition.

I keep thinking about dropping this and keep right on buying it. It fits in so nicely with Astonishing and First Class as the third of my three X-books.

> - Invincible Iron Man --- lost interest. Stark seems like a better character in Captain America , Secret Invasion and Might Avengers.

I loved the movie and therefore I love this comic, which apes the movie.

> But I will still be sticking with BND Amazing Spider-Man!!!!!! I love the story flow and characters.

Ack. Sputter.