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would breed a kid just to read that to

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Subj: Logan's Run and a thumbs up on X-Men & the Wizard of Oz
Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 at 02:40:05 am EDT (Viewed 54 times)
Reply Subj: Odyssey and the Wizard of Oz
Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 at 12:58:18 pm EDT (Viewed 49 times)

> The X-Men in the Wizard of Oz. Would be similar to the stories of when Kitty Pride first joined the X-Men. I tried to be ironic in my roles for the scarecrow, tinman and lion, since those characters normally already have the characteristics (in the regular continuity) that they seek in the story. (Wolverine is already brave, Colossus is already loving, and Nightcrawler is already smart)
> Shadowcat as Dorothy
> Lockheed as Toto
> Nightcrawler as a Scarecrow
> Colossus as the Tin Man
> Wolverine as the Lion
> Storm as the Good Witch
> White Queen as the Wicked Witch
> Professor X as the Wizard
> X-Babies as the Munchins
> Hellfire Guards or Sentinels as the Flying Monkeys
> etc.

That is a really cool idea. First it just brought a smile to my face, but the more I think about it, the more I think that this would really work and the kids who read the Marvel Kids comics would get a kick out of reading it. This would be fun.

made me think of things I liked as a kid with mutant replacements.

Its the 23rd century. All people are born genetically bred mutants by the city's computer Cerebra. All pleasure is yours for the taking. The only catch. You die at the age of 21 (and the city recycles your powers to the newborn citizen.)
Logan-5 is one of DS-Men (get it? 'DS-men/The X-Men'). The police who pursue 'runners' (the mutants who don't want to obey society and surrender their powers back to Cerebra).
Cerebra sends Logan undercover to infiltrate the runners and discover their base called Sanctuary. Logan meets Jessica (Drew) and becomes a runner alongside her, rebelling against city and society to make the world a better place to live in (or legally buy a beer).
Pursued outside the city by Francis (Sabretooth). A former partner of Logan's, who thinks he has betrayed the good guys. Logan & Jessica find the remains of New York City and a little further upstate a very old man living in the remains of what looks like an institute.
His name is James Howlett, and he is the oldest man they've ever seen.
After a battle that ends with Francis' death, who had caught up to them, the old man tells Logan and Jessica about the past and how mutants eventually attained a harmonious existence by the end of the twenty-first century and lived out their days in a peaceful co-existence with their human cousins.
They all agree to return to the domed city with James Howlett as proof, and put an end to Cerebras control over the mutants.
And they all lived to be ripe old ages, happily ever after...
...well that is until the Apocalypse came. But thats a story for another time.

With all the sex scenes Hank Pym has had over the past few years, you think Pym Particles are the main ingridiant of Viagra in the 616?

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