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Subj: Cobweb's plan to invade Earth in the SLEEPWALKER series
Posted: Sat Aug 02, 2008 at 09:20:26 pm EDT (Viewed 86 times)
Reply Subj: best villain plot?
Posted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 at 01:52:33 pm EDT

> Which plot by a marvel villain do you think was the "best"? im not sure how to define "best" in this instance. i guess it could be the cleverest or most original. or the one that made you say "thats a good idea, it could work" and maybe even should have.
> to throw in my idea, i think helmut zemos master of evil seige on avengers mansion was pretty brilliant (in an evil way of course).
> any other plots (big or small) that made you go "wow, thats good (in an evil way)"?

Cobweb's plan to invade Earth in the SLEEPWALKER comics was masterfully executed, to a level that would have done Norman Osborn or the Mad Thinker proud. By trapping Sleepwalker in Rick Sheridan's mind, and causing him to manifest on Earth, Cobweb would have been unopposed in his ultimate plan if Sleepy was killed by a supervillain, since by his nature he'd have to emerge to fight crime.

Since that didn't work, Cobweb took advantage of the creation of the Chain Gang to trap Rick Sheridan in Sleepwalker's body, and make him think that the Sleepwalker race planned to invade Earth. Then, by disguising his minions as Sleepwalker's kin, he invaded Earth and framed Sleepwalker in the process as a way of hindering him, capturing Rick's mind in the process and using it as a more permanent gateway to Earth.

While a direct invasion didn't work, Cobweb immediately switched to Plan B, having his minions directly invade the minds of humanity to instil fear and paranoia in them, which would eventually turn into madness.

What makes Cobweb's plotting all the better is how he manipulates it so neither the readers nor Sleepwalker and Rick can tell the truth from lies, or lies from truth...making it all the easier to destroy them.