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Subj: Re: Have you been dropping comics, lately?
Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 at 03:00:33 am EDT (Viewed 13 times)
Reply Subj: Have you been dropping comics, lately?
Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 at 12:16:45 pm EDT (Viewed 234 times)

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I already posted this at the DCU MB.
Here's an interesting article at Newsarama's blog:
Reading through all the replies to the article, it's noticeable how much the price increase has influenced on so many readers to start being more selective in what they buy, and start dropping titles.
In my own case, I always made sure to be careful as to spend too much on comics, so if I drop a title it's mostly based on how entertained I'm being by it, rather than how it costs. I preffer paying more for a title I enjoy rather than paying anything for a title I don't care for. But that's me. How about you?

Most of the titles that I'm not buying anymore were fringe character/low-selling books that were cancelled because of low sales, casualties of "character group" shake-ups/resets (such as Cable & Deadpool and Birds of Prey), or were mini-series and simply ended.
The only series that I've voluntarily dropped in the last few years was Thunderbolts--twice, and both times because someone at Marvel decided to flush the concept and characters that I liked straight out of the book.  Fightbolts was the first time, the current "Norman's Pet Black Ops Team" was the second--though in the later case, I merely dropped T-Bolts in favor of its spiritual successor, Dark Avengers.
There are some that are on the cusp right now....for example, the All Ages Power Pack minis.  I've been picking those up to show support for the characters, primarily because back when they started, there were rumblings about the Pack showing up again in the mainstream MU if the minis did well.  It's now a few years later, all I've seen is a shallow and kinda bimbo-ish Julie Power in Runaways & Loners, and those books are talking down even to the age group they're aimed at, much less someone like me in his mid-30s.  I'm fairly certain that I'm going to let the next mini (if there even is one) slide.
The bottom line for me is that I much prefer the "fringe" characters over the mainstream, because writers tend to take more risks, and thusly write more interesting stories, with the characters that usually aren't on lunchboxes and Trapper Keeper folders.  And sadly, those interesting but lesser-known characters don't sell books like the big names, so they tend to get cancelled out from under me more often than I abandon them.