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Subj: Re: Marvel Zombies 4 #2 features the return of....
Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 at 12:09:58 am EDT (Viewed 238 times)
Reply Subj: Marvel Zombies 4 #2 features the return of....
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    Marvel Zombies #2 was pretty cool. I'm liking this new team, and I'm liking Jenifer Kale even more. Let's hope she becomes more of a regularly used character after this, that is, if she lives. This issue also features a team not seen in ages, The Night Shift. This was the coolest portrayal of the Night Shift I've ever seen. All of the team members were to be taken seriously, even Dansen Macabre who seemed to really kick *** for once. The all seemed to be a tough force, dared to be reconned with. They had the upper hand until Morbius went bat-**** insane and they got their tails handed to them. It seemed as if our team of "heroes" had killed them, but they all survived only to get killed by an airborne strain of the Zombie virus in the next panel.

    Too bad really. I hate it when characters are brought out of limbo only to be killed off (Darkstar, Goliath.) They could have beena really cool L.A. Initiative team under Norman's Dark Reign.

This issue is great! I love all the characters that have been introduced so far including the cameos by Mandrill, etc. Having Black Talon included is also a treat since I don't think I've seen him since the Vision and Scarlet Witch mini-series so many years ago. Also wasn't that Piranha last issue who was an old Sub Mariner villain? Very cool!

At first I was a little put off that the Hood was going to be involved in the story, although I did like that Marvel didn't put the Dark Reign banner on the cover so it was a surprise (to me). This issue made me like the Hood and especially his connection to Dormammu tons more than any other comic they've been featured in. I loved how it was shown that Dormammu constantly watches what the Hood is doing, speaking and controlling his actions all with an eye to conquering the 616.

Another thing that I loved about this comic was the art. Dormammu looks awesome and is the best interpretation of him I've seen in a long time; he's actually sinister and scary looking particularly in the first panel he appears in. I also like how Dormammu's head is once again flaming like it use to be in his classic depictions as opposed to how he looks in New Avengers where his appearance is less clear. Dansen Macabre and Mandrill were also beautifully drawn I thought. I only wish Black Talon still wore a chicken mask and that Daimon Hellstrom was shirtless.

I also liked how Zombie Deadpool and Simon Garth escaped from Black Talon because it was funny in a way that added to the horror (movie) feel to the story. And that last panel was a surprising twist!

I'm so glad I decided to but this series because I almost didn't due to the price.