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Posted: Fri May 08, 2009 at 05:28:01 pm EDT (Viewed 20 times)
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    Many of those examples aren't examples of the new writers mangling the characters, but of the old writers not realizing their mistakes, the old fans running with those mistakes because of familiarity, and the new writers without the blinders of attachment writing the characters as they really are ( as opposed to idealizing them. Despite the nostalgia attached to the old comics, they were just as capable of and proven to dumb story moves. To whit...

    -- Dr. Doom has a functional reproductive system under his metal suit, has shown interest in the opposite sex with Valeria*, and it is not a stretch to believe that he would have urges and try to fulfil them.

I have no problem with Doom deciding that he should use his penis from time to time. (though I wonder how that Loki fantasy will play out once the mischief god inevitably resumes his more familiar gender)

    -- Monica Rambeau was dignified and graceful to the point of being bland and uninteresting; she came across as the stereotypical Model Minority character, the character who's acceptable for their race because they never call attention to it. Ellis' NextWave characterization made her interesting by taking a goody-two-shoes persona and making it that of a self-righteous has-been. It worked very well in the context.

Gotta disagree about Monica. The bottom-line for me is that she was at least treated as a viable superhero during her tenure as an Avenger whereas she was simply just another punchline for NextWave(admittedly, as were all the other characters though).

It's a shame she never really caught on with most of the other creators. The real problem as far as her development is concerned is that only her creator Roger Stern was ever seriously interested in writing her.

    -- The Wasp never had any qualities even remotely approaching those required of an Avengers leader, and never showed any strategic acumen beyond somehow managing to allow her team to survive. Her first years were as little more than a ditz; the problem wasn't modern writers making her a ditz, but the 80's and 90's writers thinking she could be anything more after two decades of ditziness.

Does that mean she should always be perceived as a ditz though, regardless of that's how she started out? The problem with Jan around this period is similar as to what occurred with Monica - once Stern stopped writing her, Jan quickly reverted to what everyone knew her best as - Pym's sometimes annoying arm ornament.

    -- The absolutist stance Clint Barton took against his wife killing the man who kidnapped, drugged, and raped her was profoundly dumb; even a staunch pacifist would ideally be able to forgive. That he's become less whiny about getting his hands dirty seems inevitable, especially in the case of the Skrulls invading the entire world ( exceptions made for heat-of-battle situations ).

I don't know, it's tricky for me to comment on this bit of Hawkeye history since even though I don't necessarily agree with it, I think it's a valid viewpoint nonetheless(not indiscriminately killing/letting die the bad guy).

As for the Skrulls - hey, it was war. They were hostile foreign invaders. If they gotta die, they gotta die.

    -- You have a point that Spider-Man has been ruined, but the rest were cases where the original material had faults, and the modern writers pointing it out.

There's...not nearly enough for me to say about Spider-Man at this point.