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Subj: Re: Nostalgia's Limits
Posted: Fri May 08, 2009 at 07:32:49 pm EDT (Viewed 123 times)
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    I have no problem with Doom deciding that he should use his penis from time to time. (though I wonder how that Loki fantasy will play out once the mischief god inevitably resumes his more familiar gender)

Doom removes his armor for the first time in years, steps into a cold shower, then alternates between scrubbing himself hard enough to break skin and hysterically sobbing?

    Gotta disagree about Monica. The bottom-line for me is that she was at least treated as a viable superhero during her tenure as an Avenger whereas she was simply just another punchline for NextWave(admittedly, as were all the other characters though).

Viable yet unspectacular superheroes are a dime a dozen in the Marvel Universe, so it could have been any number of other lesser heroes; that it was Monica doesn't bother me.

    It's a shame she never really caught on with most of the other creators. The real problem as far as her development is concerned is that only her creator Roger Stern was ever seriously interested in writing her.

Well, there are plenty of cases where a writer's interest in the character they created for a universe isn't contagious; Lifeguard and Slipstream weren't break-out stars of the X-Men either, were they?

    Does that mean she should always be perceived as a ditz though, regardless of that's how she started out? The problem with Jan around this period is similar as to what occurred with Monica - once Stern stopped writing her, Jan quickly reverted to what everyone knew her best as - Pym's sometimes annoying arm ornament.

Busiek tried to write her as a competent leader, with similarly unimpressive results; the regressions to a ditz were done because writing her as anything would be a 180-twist ( at least Ultimate Wasp was designed to be competent from the start, if profoundly messed-up in her personal life ).

    I don't know, it's tricky for me to comment on this bit of Hawkeye history since even though I don't necessarily agree with it, I think it's a valid viewpoint nonetheless(not indiscriminately killing/letting die the bad guy).

From Bobbi's perspective, having her husband lecture her on the wrongs of killing the guy who raped her isn't really the appropriate response for him.

    As for the Skrulls - hey, it was war. They were hostile foreign invaders. If they gotta die, they gotta die.

I wouldn't phrase it like that, since it isn't about the Skrulls being the " Other ", so much as the situation being tense enough that killing their way out was the only credible option for the Avengers.

    There's...not nearly enough for me to say about Spider-Man at this point.

Let's just hope that soon he returns to a place where he's finished puberty ( or started, for that matter ).

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