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    Doom knows all there is to know about the crying game.

Alternately, Doom might still be sore about the fact that Reed picked Sue over him, and is just using the endless battle of wits as a means of avoidance...

    No, but we've seen success stories as well that can mainly be attributed to that kind of approach. It was Claremont's love of Wolverine that helped make him the media juggernaut that he is today.

It's different there because of the X-Men Claremont inherited, only Cyclops, Xavier, and Jean were established characters ( with Xavier often being shuttled off into space, and Jean going in a completely different direction than she'd been shown ). Logan was almost as much of a blank slate when Claremont inherited him as the other International heroes, so his development wasn't the kind of author favoritism that elevates the author's character above the ones he'd been given by others.

    And on another note, Bendis' run on Avengers has Cage and Spider-Woman on the team(and Jessica Jones), and thus back in the public spotlight simply because he likes them.

Jessica Jones definitely ( though she's never been an official member, mostly just hanging out in the background with the baby ), but Luke and Jessica both had been well-established before Bendis took over. Their presence may reflect Bendis' love of the 70's ( especially Jessica Drew in recent issues, who is literally lifted out of the past after being usurped by Veranke ), but they aren't " Mary Sues " in that sense.

    Outside of the Stern run, who seriously tried to write Jan as anything more than what she was though? Byrne practically all but had them get re-married during his AWC stint. Busiek tried to fit it in because it was previously established history thanks to Stern, but you could tell while reading it he wasn't really feeling it.

Fair point, though Busiek did do away with the ditz Jan of his first few issues rather swiftly, chalking it up to " Revertigo " ( a How I Met Your Mother term for regressing in maturity around old friends, for those not in the know ).

    90% of the Jan stuff out there portrays her as a ditz. I know and accept this. It would have been nice though if someone else would have tried to at least build on that to make her more, instead of leaving her as an almost prophetically bizarre version of Paris Hilton.

The Giant Girl of Marvel Adventures Avengers does this pretty well, in no small part because she's in a version of the Marvel universe where being a goofy ditz is encouraged, as opposed to a tremendous combat liability.

    That said, I'm gonna hijack some points of your thread from the AMB and say I totally buy Pym and Jan as a weird, 616-style version of House and Cameron(though I can see elements of Stacy in there as well). As for Pym's Wilson, Bill Foster had he lived, would have fit that role pretty well, better than Stark or Jarvis, since Wilson, despite his attempts to try and 'fix' House is also in many ways an enabler of him as well. Eric O'Grady, Cassie Lang and Tom Foster, as proteges of Pym would be interesting. If you're looking for a pre-existing character as a Cuddy type for Pym though, you might be better served making one up - I can't(at least at this moment) think of a pre-existing character who could conceivably have that kind of dynamic with Pym.

My choices for the Cuddy to Hank's House would either be Alice Nugent or Tigra, though one's a super-villainess and the other is hardly material for a position of authority.

    (Yes, I'm a big House fan. \:\- )

I am too. But if we were trying to pick characters who specifically match the roles of House's staff ( regardless of prior attachment to Hank ), who'd you pick? Jan makes a good Cameron, while I'd pick Slipstream for Chase, the Falcon for Foreman, Felicia Hardy for Thirteen, and Scott Summers as Taub. Thunderbird 3 can be Kutner, though in light of recent episodes, Thunderbird 1 might be more accurate \:\(

    It doesn't matter to me about them being the "Other". They were invading Earth. If Hydra, the Brotherhood, or the Kree performed that kind of assault on the planet, then in my mind, the heroes shouldn't feel bad about taking life to preserve life.

Fair enough, my apologies for misinterpreting.

    BTW, I like the cast page for Ruby.

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it, because I sure as hell enjoyed writing it ( shades of Mark Millar's villains come across in hindsight ).

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