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Subj: Re: Which Marvel Heroes/Villains are currently deceased?
Posted: Fri May 08, 2009 at 11:40:24 pm EDT (Viewed 150 times)
Reply Subj: Which Marvel Heroes/Villains are currently deceased?
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    I know death in comics isn't a static state of being, but I was wondering if people would humor me and help compile a list of which characters are dead, still dead, really dead, and probably not likely to be to be resurrected anytime soon.

    Kitty Pryde wasn't explicitly killed off, and I don't really believe characters like Jean Grey or Steve Rogers will stay dead, so I'm not listing them. If someone disagrees with my reasoning, feel free to go ahead and list them anyway.

    Just off the top of my head, I've got -

    Heroes: Thunderbird I, Captain Mar-Vell, Genis-Vell, the original Swordsman, the original White Tiger, Namorita...

Roscoe; The kid who was Captain America 4 a day. When Steve was
running around tripping on his own cape as Nomad, Falcon had this kid wear the star and stripes, He was quickly killed by The Red Skull. Years before Joker ever off'd one-uh Batman's sidekicks. He was so low key he dont even rate a membership in a Legion of Unliving.

And then there's Jack Monroe, Nomad 2. He aint comin' back. When your killed by the hero whose place and identity you took, even editorial would be hard pressed to allow a writer to bring you back. Maybe.

Charcoal of the Thunderbolts. Never comin' back for legal reasons too inane to get into.

Ben Reilly.

Changeling. The mutant who pretended to be Prof. X, while the real played hide-n-seek from his students in the basement.

Miss America. Maddie Frank. One of the few golden agers who hasnt comeback from the dead Her husband Robert [Whizzer] too as well I guess. Although she is getting a 70th anniversary tribute issue in a few weeks so maybe an introduction of her character to modern times alongside former fellow Invaders like Namor, Bucky, Spitfire is not an impossibility.

    Villains: the Nathaniel Garrett Black Knight, Baron Zemo I...

The Thing doppleganger from the classic FF #51 "This Man, This Monster!"

Cornelius Van Lunt, Jake Fury and the rest of the human Zodiac Cartel. (But they SHOULD come back. All 12 of 'em. This time with mystical powers. Not like they've never dealt with a demon from hell [see Aquarius] before, to facilitate their return from the grave. They could give the Hood a run for his money as the kingpin of crime then.)

    Who else?