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Subj: House of House
Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 at 03:36:34 pm EDT (Viewed 99 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Nostalgia's Limits
Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 at 12:27:01 am EDT (Viewed 97 times)

    No, but for the most part they were still effectively...how do I put it - well, dead. Creatively at least. Cage was still bouncing around the MU, but had nowhere near the visibility he once had till he was pulled in for New Avengers #1, and Jessica Drew was even worse off, depowered and forgotten about, with another superheroine operating as Spider-Woman. Even The Sentry was practically almost just a What If character till he was dragged in to do a whole lot of nothing.

I suppose it's splitting hairs to say that there's a difference between " embryonic, forgotten history " and " no history ", since the effect still renders Luke, Jessica, and Sentry as Bendis' pet characters, the way Photon was Stern's pet, or ( in the worst examples of the trope ) the way Austen brought in Nurse Annie.

    Jan has all the necessary traits for Cameron. Despite their breakups, she keeps coming back to Hank. Or: one could push her to the Stacy role(the lost love who almost throws away her current happiness to repeat past mistakes), and use Firebird as a Cameron analogue. Like Cameron, Bonita can be blind(well, maybe not blind, but...let's say dismissive) to Hank's faults.

Bonita's probably even better, since her relationship with Hank is much more ephemeral than Jan's, and her debut as a Catholic Sister further established her as a martyr complex character. Which makes Jan a better Stacy ( especially given how she left House when he was at his worst ).

So if we're doing recurring secondary characters as well, we need casting for Vogler, Tritter, Amber, and House's dad. House's dad I see as Howard Stark, but the other three need further thought.

    While he seems to have moved away from that characterization, my favorite version of Chase is still the one where he's a House brown-noser. Almost no one is left in the MU who still respects Hank enough to want to please him no matter what. If Scott Lang was still alive, maybe. I'd have to revisit this one later.

Bereft of attachment to the House/Hank figure, I think the most Chase-like character is Warren Worthington pre-Apocalypse; poor little rich boy, hunky blonde looks, questionable commitment to the heroic mission, and daddy issues.

    The Eric Foreman figure needs to be someone who respects him, but will still get in his face. Sam Wilson will get in anybody's face. The Tom Foster Goliath seems young and angry enough to challenge and defy Pym at times, and it would be a little easier to see him as deferential to Pym than Sam. There's also the Beast. On a team that had the Black Panther, Tony Stark, and Hank Pym, I remember Hank McCoy could get pretty annoyed and opinionated when he was sometimes dismissed and overlooked for scientific contributions.

Hank might be a good Wilson figure, but I don't see him as a Foreman type with something to prove. And Triathlon would be a comparison demeaning to Foreman.

    Cyke as Taub?!?! Well, he is a stick to the point jerk with a troubled marriage...then again, his little brother Havok can also pull that same shtick and might be more malleable for this type of scenario than Scott IMO.

True, since Alex has spent much more of his career AWOL ( from 1975-1987, he was just camped out in Arizona with Polaris ), and hasn't shown the same interest in doing the right thing. Plus, if you want heroes tempted into sex, his time as Madelyne's " Goblin Prince "...well, 'nuff said.

    I'm also thinking someone feline for Thirteen, though I had in mind a somewhat tamer Greer Nelson, or even Patsy Walker.

I brought up Felicia because both characters are apparently bisexual, albeit in the phoniest, most Hollywood way possible. If we're going for the character with the terminal illness, though, then I can't think of any with Thirteen's demeanor...

    And Kutner! Ah Kutner! Someone who shares the House/Pym philosophy of science. Maybe a new(er) character. Maybe the Eddie McDonough Hornet from Slingers. He was a bit of a science geek and doesn't have enough history to disrespect him.

Prodigy from the latest generation of Xavier Academy students might work, and if Doug Ramsey were still around, he might as well ( though Kutner doesn't have Doug's inferiority complex, unless you believe that his suicide retconned all his well-adjusted behavior into a lie ).

    I still like Bill for Wilson, but he's dead. And I still can't find a good Marvel character for Cuddy yet. MAYBE a (somewhat) reformed Sunset Bain. Maybe.

I mentioned Hank McCoy, since they're both supporting characters who everyone loves, and characters who have shown a bit of moral weakness ( Hank may not have the multiple divorces, but his relationship to Trish Tilby came across as very temporary to me, even before he " outed " himself on national television to piss her off ). Hank's a good pal but not a character with the same drives to action as others, which may explain why he's never really had a starring role.

    I think it also needs to be said that for the Pym/House analogy to truly succeed, Hank needs to get a whole lot more arrogant than he's been...like, EVER.

Fortunately, Dan Slott's done a good job of bringing Hank back to the forefront while still making it clear that he's a total mess.

By the way, if you don't mind my asking, have you kept up with the rest of Ruby's World? The latest chapter was done with certain X-realtionship dynamics in mind as targets for deconstruction...

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