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Subj: Re: Never say never, just ask Bucky
Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 at 07:40:03 pm EDT (Viewed 142 times)
Reply Subj: Never say never, just ask Bucky
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      Kitty Pryde wasn't explicitly killed off, and I don't really believe characters like Jean Grey or Steve Rogers will stay dead, so I'm not listing them. If someone disagrees with my reasoning, feel free to go ahead and list them anyway.

    I think that at this point, " Marvel dead " is another word for " taking a nap "; the moment Bucky came back was the moment when Dead means Dead lost any meaning it had left. So the characters you list like John Proudstar and Mar-Vell and Heinrich Zemo are more " 97% likely to remain dead " than outright dead. Mortality seems discussed by a Kinsey scale in the MU.

This is pretty much true. I don't really expect any of the names that accumulate here to really be off-limits to an eventual return, just that the probability of their return is probably under 50%.

In those specific three cases mentioned, the presence of Warpath keeps the Thunderbird look and powerset in circulation w/out actually having to bring him back. Ditto Baron Helmut Zemo in regards to Baron Heinreich Zemo. Their very existence helps to keep their forebears dead, although I believe the strength of the Death of Captain Marvel story is what keeps Mar-Vell in his grave as opposed to the strength of his successors(we've gone through Monica Rambeau, Genis, Phylla, a HoM Carol Danvers, Skrull-Vell, and now Noh-Var since Mar-Vell). Is it impossible they could come back? Of course not. But certain factors make a return very unlikely.

    But what I will dispute is the likelihood that Jean or Steve Rogers or Kitty will come back sooner rather than later. Characters are resurrected either because their absence was missed, or because their value as an IP to be merchandised later is too high to waste. Unless the Brubaker/Hitch Reborn series is played totally straight ( and I expect/hope to God it won't be ), Steve has no reason to come back, since Captain Bucky has been well received and WW2/Silver Age flashbacks keep the character in circulation. Jean is a similar case since Emma has taken over her role, and the Phoenix Force further compounds the issue of her mortality ( she may never be totally dead, but is she totally alive, either? ). And Kitty's currency amongst the X-Men as the plucky girl sidekick has long since passed, taken over by Hisako and Pixie at the moment.

Jean is Schrodinger's Cat!?!

I still hold it's only a matter of time. I think we're at a point where the X-books are crazy enough to finally do the unholy and have Jean hook up w/ Wolverine since Cyclops is still boffing the white Queen, so Emma's presence isn't necessarily a deterrent to a Jean return. She's an original X-Man with mainstream recognition due to the animated series and movies, who only died (again) because Morrison wanted to push the x-franchise out of its comfort zone. They've already done away with most of Grant's x-contributions, and honestly, the Emma/Scott relationship really isn't that interesting so much as its a novelty because its different. There aren't much more reasons to keep Jean in the grave than there are to revive her, and eventually the latter will win out because it usually does in cases like this.

As for Steve and Kitty: Steve, for all we know, it was always part of Ed's plot for Rogers to eventually come back - Marvel is no stranger to the 'get rid of them to make people miss them' approach of comics storytelling. As for Kitty, I think the ambiguous departure they gave her says it all. They didn't even try to kill her on-panel. Her disappearance occurred in the same title that revived Colossus, another character who some would argue didn't need to return either.

    Janet Van Dyne might come back when Avengers tie-ins like the upcoming animated series and movie become closer to a reality, though.

I keep forgetting she's dead. I guess that shows what I think of the Jan death.

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