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Subj: i like the new Ant-Man. he's refreshingly human.
Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 at 05:03:52 pm EDT (Viewed 12 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Doubt it
Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 at 03:40:09 am EDT (Viewed 104 times)

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    Simple fix: The uniforce of the microverse reassembles his atoms as the newest (and destined to be the best) Captain Universe.
    Doesn't mar the Vell name.
    Stays a Captain.
    Remains a legacy hero.

I think the one problem is that the cosmic characters are little too similar. The concept is just too crowded. Genis wouldn't really be unique powerwise, or even personality wise. The current GOTG series is already too crowded, and there are really characters that deserve a spotlight more then Genis. The biggest question is what do you do with him? I can see Nohr-vell getting a new name, and Genis returning with the Captain Marvel mantle.

    Soon as Namora's popularity dwindles, they'll bring her back. Probably turn out the Civil War Namorita was a Skrull and Norman Osborn discovered the real one captive and unconcious and has been secretly hiding her as an ace-in-the-hole in case Namor betrays him.
    Yeah. Pretty lame.

Depends on the time before they bring her back. Her and Dwayne/NightThrasher have the advantage of being apart of the original team of New Warriors, which are still a great concept. Members of original teams tend to always come back When they wanted to reunite the original X-Men, they brought back Jean. For the same reason I think we will always see the original Avengers alive.

Also in this group I'd include the original members of Generation X. It's just a matter of time before Marvel decides to reunite this team. Banshee included.

    Quote: don't have another Ant-Man anymore than you have a Slaying Mantis.
    You have G.I.Ant-Man.
    A suit created by the Pymskrull for SHIELD.
    And I still stand behind my own made up theory about Bendis bringing Scott Lang back.
    Key word: Scott Lang.
    For all we know that doesn't mean he has to be Ant-Man anyway. Hello Yellowjacket III. \(lol\)
    And Pym can surrender the title of the Wasp to Cassie, returning to the original Ant-Man. So the adventures of Yellowjacket (Lang), & The Wasp (Lang) can have a whole new dynamic.
    Nah, not even Bendis would do that.

O'Grady is the current Ant-Man however you want to look at it. When he gets an action figure, it's going to say Ant-Man. The publishing side of these discussions will always be more important then the "story" elements. And the suit was created by the real Pym. We first see the suit while Fury is still in charge of Shield, and Pym wasn't replaced until after Fury left Shield.

Bendis isn't bringing back Lang. Why would he kill the character only to change his mind 10 years later? Name a creator that killed a character only the resurrect them a decade later? Lang might be brought back, but it would be by Bendis. The Ant-Man concept has moved on. Even if we were going to get a new Ant-Man it would either be Pym or a new creation.

Bendis doesn't even write Stature, so why would he care about the father/daughter angle? Bendis can write any character he wants, why would he choose Lang? Bendis would resurrect the character, only to have him play a supporting role for a character he doesn't write?

Lang is like Thunderstrike or Goliath. Marvel might create another Goliath (which they did), but they aren't going to resurrect the old one.

As for YellowJacket, I suspect we will see a new ethnic character take up the role. Marvel's own Blue Beetle.

Just me let know when we are taking bets for Lang.

i like Scott Lang. i'm sorry that he's dead. but, even if he were brought back, i'd rather he stay retired from superheroism. he has other skills. he was one of Stark's go-to engineers for years. he'd make a decent supporting character in 'Iron Man' or 'Young Avengers.'

but, anyways, i think people overlook just how unique Eric O'Grady is. he's a representation of your average person whereas most marvel heroes are an exaggeration of that same person. Peter is superhumanly noble/well-meaning. Punisher is superhumanly obsessive and skilled at carrying out "justice." Matt Murdock might as well be jessus christ w/ the amount of suffering he endures to protect Hell's Kitchen. the Hood is uncharacteristically ambitious for a supposed street-level thug.
all of these folks are distorted images of humanity.

for contrast, O'Grady might save someone because it's the right thing to do. he might also walk right by a person in trouble because it would require too much effort to save them. he might help out a friend. he might betray a friend. O'Grady is human as can be. that's why i think he's the perfect fit for the Ant-Man role; one that really shouldn't be taken so seriously. plus his power-set and look fit his personality. he's small-minded, prone to hiding, feeding off of other people, and almost entirely amoral. it's silly that greatness is expected from someone calling themselves "Ant-Man." what was Pym smoking?