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Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 at 07:42:23 pm EDT (Viewed 83 times)
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    I can buy Howard Stark as the elder House. I would need to give the other three some more thought.

After watching the Iron Man movie again with my girlfriend ( also a House fan, though not a Marvel one ), it occurs to me that Tony might be an even better analogue; while he may not be a doctor, he is a disturbed genius with a manipulative streak, an addictive personality, and a small circle of extremely co-dependent friends ( Rhodey comes to mind as House's Wilson, while Pepper could either be Cameron or Cuddy. And Obadiah comes across as Vogler, to stretch it even further... )

    Thats a good catch with Worthington. It would even still be a viable analogy if not for the return of Archangel in X-Force.

    I even think Simon Williams aka Wonderman, sans the blond hair, could fit that above description too.

Simon would be the second best choice, but Warren eventually started being written as a competent and committed hero ( similar to Chase, even if the means in which that happened involved shackling him to Cameron ), while Simon's still a selfish jerk.

    Aside from being black, Triathlon/3-D Man and Foreman have nothing in common character-wise. Beast as Wilson though...I could get on that train.

Especially since, like Wilson, Beast can be extremely sarcastic when the situation calls for it. I realize that Foreman and Triathlon have nothing in common beyond the race issue, but Foreman's quest to prove his competence often has resulted in him becoming " House-Lite " ( House minus the engaging personality and insights ), so that further complicates things.

    I agree about the bisexuality being phony in both cases. It's being used more to titillate the reader/viewer, rather than being an actual character trait.

    I will say though that I think it was used to interesting effect in the Lucky Thirteen episode where had sex with a patient.

It was interesting, but it also had the misfortune of being followed shortly thereafter with her hooking up with Foreman, so it leaves the audience with the impression that heterosexuality is Thirteen on the path to redemption, while homosexuality is her being self-destructive.

    I think i read somewhere that Doug might be coming in New Mutants, which is \(yes\) in my book, even though it continues to further make death almost laughable in the MU.

I seriously hope that's not true, but it's way too likely that it will be.

    And yes, I can take Kutner's suicide as a retcon of his previous behavior w/out much trouble. Everybody lies, you know.

I can't, unfortunately; while there are tragically many real world precedents for suicidal people hiding their depression from those around them, narratives tend to call for explanation, and to just have Kutner shoot himself like that left me feeling deeply unsatisfied. And the fact that the focus of the episode was House's crackpot theories about why Kutner did it made it even more insulting ( yes, I get that Kal Penn left to work for the Obama administration, but that they would just have him cap himself and follow it with a couple episodes of angst suggests the character wasn't even important in the first place ).

    Another idea for Kutner: maybe Vance Astrovik. In many ways, Vance almost parallels Pym. Both begun their careers as rather earnest and straightforward superheroes(as Ant-Man and Marvel Boy, respectively). Both had rather public and messy trials based on personal failings(Vance's inadvertent manslaughter of his abusive father, and post-breakdown Pym being framed by Egghead). Both have had painful breakups with a significant other even though for some time they were pretty solid couples(Jan & hank and Vance & Firestar). And both have had interesting conflicts with the supervillain Whirlwind. Defeating Whirlwind got Vance and Firestar slots on the Avengers teams, and Hank...well, see for yourself -

Thank you for that picture of naked angry giant Hank, with Whirlwind in the foreground to less-than-tastefully cover Hank's gargantuan junk. It will provide several entertaining nightmares and a severe lack of sleep for the months to come \:p

    Another candidate could be Dane Whitman aka Black Knight, who's pretty close to the failed relationships of Wilson. He was lovesick for Jan to the point it affected his performance as an Avenger, ignored Victoria Bentley, and lusted after the married Crystal while carrying on a dalliance with the increasingly obsessive Sersi.

That's a pretty accurate connection to Wilson's love life, though Wilson's patterns have changed some since Amber.

    - instead of the more recent slings like "You HIT Jan!" or 'Three words for why you're wrong for the job. You're Hank Pym.'

There's been speculation that the Tony who appeared in the first arc of Mighty Avengers was another construct of Loki's; I like that theory, since not only does it remove one more stain from Tony's Civil War-onward record, but it explains the discrepancies it has with the current Iron Man arc ( where san Extremis, Tony can't even do simple tasks with the most current armor ).

    Besides, Hank can also do this apparently -

I'm curious as to how a miniature Hank is an effective substitute for a full-sized man-part, but that goes into territory past the board's PG-13 guidelines...

    First off, I'll say the art style suits the tone of the stories and is steadily improving, particularly the backgrounds and settings.

Thanks. Will keep at it ( especially the backgrounds, which I had difficulty with early on, but am finding more and more value in practicing ).

    I'm all for deconstruction of X-tropes, just make sure you don;t let it sidetrack your story. I don't think that happened in the recent chapter though. The plot is still on track. I don't know if it was your intent, but I did get kind of a Logan/Jean vibe in the last installment. There's kind of that noble samurai thing Wolverine had going for him for awhile evident in Jiro, even though that aspect of Wolverine didn't really come into play until well after the height of the Cyclops/Jean/Wolverine 'triangle' had come to an end with Jean's death, and has been pretty much cast aside from Logan's current persona since New X-Men.

To be fair, that kind of love triangle is broader than just the X-Men, but it was my first frame of reference; especially since my intention was to have Jiro as the Cyclops figure, with Jens as the Wolverine type. The good boy vs. bad boy thing, though I tried to complicate matters ( Jiro is more restrained but is much more capable of destruction; Jens is more upfront but is just normal human in his capabilities. And Ruby's in too much of a funk to notice either at the moment ).

    In general, I'm rather dismissive of the Scott/Logan/Jean affair since pretty much almost ALL of the 'Jean returns Logan's feelings' moments didn't exist until long after the death of the Phoenix. At the time it was going on, it was essentially Scott struggling with his feelings for Jean in the wake of her power-up, and Wolverine enviously desiring Jean for himself. And that was pretty much it.

I realize that it was a massive ret-con, but at this point it's been around so long that it's hard to envision the X-Books in their present without that backdrop.

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