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Subj: Re: Madame Masque? (Invincible Iron Man #13 spoilers)
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Reply Subj: Re: Madame Masque? (Invincible Iron Man #13 spoilers)
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      Her former love? I never read the issues of them together, but I always figured it was a meaningless fling rather than an actual relationship. Am I wrong, or did they actually care about each other for some time?

    Oh, God, they've been in love with each other for a long, long time, since IRON MAN Vol. 1 #17-19. They eventually started a relationship in IRON MAN Vol.1 #103 that lasted until #116, when Count Nefaria was killed in battle with Iron Man. That incident really screwed Whitney up like wildfire, making her excessively paranoid for years on end, to the point that she had bio-duplicates of herself filling in for her in the real world while she hid out in Nevada. She eventually made peace with Tony and put her past behind her, but now she's back, hanging around with the Hood.

Does she know that Nefaria (is he still her dad or has that been retconned?) is still alive? It would be a family reunion comparable to Norman & Harry's if they met again.