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Subj: Re: Survey: if you could add a character to current teams...
Posted: Thu May 28, 2009 at 08:25:27 pm EDT (Viewed 10 times)
Reply Subj: Survey: if you could add a character to current teams...
Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 at 03:37:48 pm EDT (Viewed 334 times)

    If you could add a popular character or personality to the current Marvel teams, who could be? The catch is: you can add ANY character, not just Marvel or even comic related as a part of the team or as an antagonist . Lets said Mario Bros, Zelda, Ripley from Aliens, Superman, Optimus Prime, Snow white, Cobra Commander, Mussolini, Gandhi, Joey from Friends, Edison, John Lenon, Paris Hilton, etc.

    Here are some Marvel teams to consider:

    - New Avengers
    - Dark Avengers.
    - Mighty Avengers.
    - Young Avengers.
    - Pet Avengers.
    - X-Men
    - X-Factor
    - X-Force
    - Young Xmen
    - Fantastic Four
    - Power Pack
    - Secret Warriors
    - Alpha Flight.
    - Masters of Evil.
    - Sisterhood of Mutants.
    - Thunderbolts
    - Hydra

    Some others:

    - Captain Britain and MI13:
    - The Starjammers
    - New Mutants.
    - The Loners.
    - The Runaways.
    - The Iluminnati.
    - Norman Osborn's Cabal.
    - The Midnight Sons


    I will post mines later. Have fun!


Mine will be –

New Avengers:
New Cap
Doctor Strange
Luke Cage
Iron Fist
Black Widow

They all already know and get along with each other, it is only natural that they would feel comfortable and willing to form a team together. This goes especially for Daredevil considering five of the 11 team-mates already have established friendships. Also due to NA being seen as more of a ‘street level’ team, DD would fit in with the type of villains and stories. Perhaps a bit too many though…

Might Avengers:
Wasp (Henry Pym)
Iron Man
Ms. Marvel
Wonder Man
U.S. Agent
Scarlet Witch
Black Knight

I am hoping that eventually the Superhero Community is healed (hopefully after Dark Region), the two Avenger teams will be working together again. The NA can be more for fighting off attacks internally and due to them being more of a street-team they will most likely keep within the US. MA on the other hand will be the team handling the major events/attacks and therefore work on more of a international scale (most likely sanctioned by the UN). That’s why I put Black Knight of the team, it will give the team more of a international feel (the links with MI:13 can come in handy) and he is also a former Avenger. I’m think that they will have the same type of relationship as back in the day of Avengers and West Coast Avengers. On big events the two teams could even team up (like Galactic Storm). Characters such as New Cap, Black Widow and Wolverine due to being espionage type of characters could jump to MA depending if that particular type of missions requires their expertise. I wanted to Thor instead of Hercules but decided not to as to I’m not sure of how long Thor will hold his grudge towards Stark, also Thor has his own established series while Hercules will benefit more by the team-book will keep him in the forefront of the MU.

Norman Osborne
Yelena Belova (the second Black Widow)
Typhoid Mary (As actually Typhoid Mary!)
Mr. X
Doctor Faustus

Even though the Avengers/Superhero Community will be reunited, the US will most likely want of their own exclusive team. Especially after having a taste of it with the Dark Avengers. Most likely due to the missions being espionage-like, it would most likely be a Black-Ops team. The team will be interesting – The power that Norman has in his current position may be too much for him, but he worked well when it was a smaller outfit when his was simply the director of the original Thunderbolts. After DR he may be officially in jail or injured or dead but behind the scenes he could resume his role as Director of the Thunderbolts. Bullseye & Crossbones would bring friction to the team as they have unfinished business and they could end up being ‘professional competitors’ want to one-up the other in kills and missions. Doctor Faustus would not obviously be a field agent but could work on controlling the team, making members work better with each other, provide psychological assessments etc. – he would be especially needed to keep unstable guys like Penance, Typhoid Mary & Nuke focused. He already has an relationship with Cross. Yelena and Mary could dislike each other due to Belova seeing Mary as a slut and unprofessional and Typhoid seeing Belova as stuck up. Also they could have Bulls and Mary develop a relationship, possibly their hate for DD could be the trigger, I don’t see it as being very deep – perhaps only a physical one? Nuke, Mr. X & Paladin would benefit by gaining some more exposure.

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