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Subj: Re: I meant Star Trek!
Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 at 12:26:42 am EDT (Viewed 4 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Anyone see that new Stark Trek movie?
Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 at 12:24:08 am EDT (Viewed 8 times)

Wait, 'Stark Trek'! A new series where Tony Stark goes on a drunken war spree through space!

No, that'd be worse than Civil War.

    Wow, that wasn't bad at all. I couldn't believe what happened.

    Vulcan. Star Trek. Get it?

    Havok needs to take him out for killing their dad. That Vulcan is a freak.


      There's no way that War Of Kings can end with any type of redemption for Gabriel Summers; Emporer Vulcan. So who do you think has the most 'right' to kill him? And who will do the deed?


        A: Scott Summers. The oldest brother who he captured and tortured. And killed his daddy.
        B: Alex Summers. The older brother who he captured and tortured even worse. And killed his daddy.
        C: Hepzibah; lover of Christopher Summers.
        D: Lilandra; empress royal of the Shi'ar. (note this thread was written before I read WoK#4, so she's pretty much out of the running.)
        E: Black Bolt leader of the Inhuman/Kree empire.
        F: Adam-X; the maybe Summers brother.
        G: Adam Warlock and the Guardians of The Galexy
        H: Nova, containing the full nova-force
        I: Galactus and The Silver Surfer.
        J: Syrin, he did kill Theresa's daddy.
        K: Gladiator; loyal to Lilandra.
        L: Xavier.
        M: Darwin.
        O: Phoenix, Rachel Summers.
        P: Lorna Dane, Polaris.



          Personally my favorite ending to my least favorite Summers brother would be; Vulcan is killed by Cyclops who once again donned the mantle of Eric the Red. Because it was the Shi'ar Erik the Red who made the Summers plane go down, when Scott and Alex were boys, and Gabriel was a fetus. Years later, Scott wore the suit of Eric The Red at Lorna's introduction. So it started with Erik the Red and should end with Eric the Red.
          Course I also think Cyke should don the red Erik costume and go on some missions with X-Force every once in awhile, but thats just me.

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