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Subj: The King of Space
Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 at 07:35:50 pm EDT (Viewed 16 times)
Reply Subj: Re: In Outer Space, Vulcan kills you.
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      The years of Vulcan going into space, taking over the Shi'Ar, etc, and his battles with the X-Men and Starjammers have all served as set up for him to return to Earth at the head of an army, and take his revenge upon Xavier, putting him back in a wheelchair. Yes, it's probably too soon after Secret Invasion to do that story for a while, but after all the build up, it does need to happen. For Vulcan to be killed off in War of Kings would prevent that, so would clearly be a bad idea.

    Well War of Kings will have to have some conclusion to be a pleasing story. It's got to end with one side completely defeated.

Annihilation ended with the Kree signing an armistice which ceded half their territory to the invading forces from the Negative Zone. So there's precedent for a cosmic epic to end without one side utterly crushed.

    And it's got to be Vulcan. His resources are depleted, he has very little support, and his going up against a huge group of Kree, Inhumans, Nova Corps, GotG, Starjammers and Gladiator, etc.

If he's the underdog by #4 of 6, and the deck is already that stacked against him, either he's got secret weapons and plans we have yet to see, or he's got to pull out a shock win in the finale. They're (hopefully) not going to telegraph the ending that early on.


      Furthermore, he's clearly one of the few new villains of the '00s that's any good at all, that he inspires people to hate him is proof of that, since he's getting the "I'll pay to see this guy defeated" hate, rather than the "I just won't pay to read comics with him in" hate.

    But that depends on what the audience is willing to put up with. They may love hating him, but there comes a point when you have to satisfy the audience. Of course, whether that time is now or a few years from now is up to debate.

Let's look at the example of the Green Goblin in the Spider-Man books, since his return in 1996, he'd lost a number of times, but Peter had never managed to bring him down and expose him as Norman Osborn. By 2004, we may well have reached a point when "you have to satisfy the audience", but were they satisfied by having Norman taken down by Cage instead of Spidey? No.

Likewise, we've had several years of conflict between Vulcan and the X-Men/Starjammers. For Black Bolt, or Gladiator for that matter, to be the ones to hand Vulcan his big defeat, would be utterly wrong, since that's a storyline in which, when it does come, Xavier, and probably Cyclops as well, need to be around alongside Havok.

    I don' think he is that popular either. I'm not seeing a huge level of interest.

I'm well aware I'm probably his only actual fan here, but yes, there are people who vocally hate him and would pay to see him lose.


      Also, look at Black Bolt and Medusa, look at who they've become? Do we really think they deserve to win this war? I want to see them get sent home to the Moon in defeat, and to learn from it.

    What have they become? Does Vulcan deserve to win this war? Remember BB was attacked first, so it's hard for Marvel to let the aggressor win.

The Inhumans have gone from peaceful isolationists to hardcore warriors who are killing everyone who gets in their way, and conquering the Kree, and that's not noticeably a drastic change to you? You really don't think at some point it's going to bite them?

Also, there's more of a story in "Vulcan wins, Earth is his next target" than in derailing his saga here.

    BB being defeated would be a huge blow to the character, when Marvel has to increase his "power". I think this event will serve to hype him up, as well as Gladiator. BB has to be a bigger player at Marvel, and having him defeat Vulcan in war will help do that.

Unless War of Kings is going to be used to launch another Inhumans book, it doesn't matter so much if they lose, so long as the core Inhumans survive. It's not like Black Bolt even has to lose in personal combat to lose the war. If Vulcan loses the war, a storyline that's been building for years gets derailed, and we don't get to see him roll up on Earth as the undisputed King of Space.

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